Web Designing 101 Class


Please why is my list by the side?


You have to put a </br> tag next to your <img> tag. This will ensure the next element will be displayed in the next line. Put another one after your button tag too.


You can also resolve this by putting your list within a paragraph tag.


the button tag as been resolved, but my list still remains by its side…



Today, we learned about basic tags.

<body> </body>

Next week we will move on to other tags.


Home work @Angie :slight_smile:

Design a simple web page of your CV with the image below as your background Image.

This is how you add a background image:
<body background="path\to\image">Insert body text here</body>


My glo network was bad yesterday. I couldn’t log in but I will follow up and practice


This is lovely!!!

Thank you @NaijaLander , for hosting the web design class here. This is a brilliant use case for Zegist. I am inspired to teach something here too. I love the energy to learn from @Angie.


Hi Funsho


It’s wrong. I’ll explain why.

This is how HTML works:

You have 2 things;

  • tag
  • attribute(s)

E.g.: <anelaw> is a tag, attribute nose in <aanelaw> tag is big. So your write the code as :slight_smile:

<anelaw nose-size="big"> </anelaw>

Get it?


is this class still going on? i have a project i need to build but i need to learn the html and css skill for creating a website


Yes. 12-3 pm everyday.


I want to learn :cry:. I hope I am not too late


Let me answer for @NaijaLander, you are not too late, you can start from where he started teaching. The steps are clear and comprehensive, made me reminisce web design classes in school. So start and follow every detail!


Thank you :hugs:


Hi @Stella_Aanu,

Class resumes at 3 pm everyday.

Cc @Angie, @lifeofesse @Xlutherx



Hi Funsho.
Okay, holiday over.
Do we commence tommorow?
Meanwhile, you’ve changed the time…again…


Apologies, my schedule has been fluctuating recently but I think I’m free from 3 pm everyday till otherwise stated.


Tomorrow is perfect :slight_smile:


We can do a night class if your free @Angie