What Are The Things To Consider Before Homeschooling?


I’m a Nigerian Mum tempted with the thoughts of homeschooling my kid. With the high rate of child molestation, abuse, bully happening in schools, many parents have resulted to homeschooling their kids.

The over riding goal of schooling in the first place is to enable kids to quality education. Home schooling in this sense is when parents choose to educate their children at home instead of sending them to a traditional public or private school. The truth is I’ve been considering this option of homeschooling my kids since I work from home.


A number of things like

  • Control

  • Showing your kids that learning is not boring but exciting.

  • Protecting your kids from negative influences they may encounter outside home.

*Giving your kids personal and indept attention in any subject.

Among others has made homeschooling a choice to consider. But then, Are all these enough to consider in homeschooling my kids?

I want my kids to access to quality education and don’t want them to fall behind other kids.

Will I be depriving them quality education by homeschooling them?

What are the essentials to consider before homeschooling kids ,especially in Nigeria?

What are your opinion on homeschooling kid?


I think it is a cool idea but I feel going to a private/public school shapes a child better than homeschooling.

The child learns interpersonal relationships amongst other things which is very crucial in bringing up a child.


Interaction with the environment and the society come with going to school (outside the home) in a way develops the child’s esteem and decision making. I do understand your fears but there’re a number of good schools that offers quality education. Truth is, i feel every parent should put whatever is been taught in school by teachers or friends in check.


Ermmm… Yes. especially if you’re not an experienced teacher. Teaching is more than just something everyone can do… So i’ll always give it to the teachers.

Most mums i have been in contact with, do not have the patience to ensure their kids get a topic right before moving to another… They don’t understand why a little child might take a whole year to learn A-Z or just 1-50.

Also, relating with their peers and the daily change in environment also helps build their brains, especially if they are in the right environment…

Home schooling is okay, but should not be done throughout nursery life and then left to resume in Primary, except you’re an experienced teacher.

Personally, i’ve had parents bring their kids to school for the first time to resume Primary 1 or Nursery 3 and the kids are still not smart and the parents would still insist they don’t start from the foundation. It puts alot of strain on the teachers because they end up starting all over with the kids…

  1. You should have atleast a 2- 3years experience of teaching in a proper school.
  2. Or you must have studied education related courses and done a proper research on the different teaching patterns for kids.
  3. Regularly take them out to the field atleast every weekend to mix up with kids of their age.
  4. Patience, Passion and love for your baby…
  5. You must be an housewife i guess because Mornings are best to teach

Sorry this was a long reply guys, i was and I’m still a teacher at heart, hence every living child is important to me.


No. I don’t think for anyone who has made this decision is depriving her kids from quality education. They are your kids and before you make up your mind to settle for homeschooling, am sure you must have check out the pros and con’s of your decision and you choose to settle for what you feel would work for you and your kids.


For me I think before I can settle for this or before we can settle for this because if I am married then it is our decision to make and one of the thing’s to consider before settling for this is if our kids have some special talents that we would like to monitor and knowing that we can not get a suitable environment that can help build that special talents in our kids might lead to us wanting to home school that child.
Also, you have to consider your child’s ability to learn in a homely environment. Not every child can do well by staying around her parents. Some kids do better when they are around other kids so you need to consider the child ability to learn outside or around the home before making this decision.


Alot of kids i must say… That’s why you must be sure of the decision you’re making before starting it off… The foundation of a child is key! You sure don’t want to tamper with it…


As @fola rightly mentioned that interaction matters, i remember commenting on a thread that i understood something better after interacting with my classmates and not even the “teacher”.
Competition can be healthy for the brain and body… it brings out the best in you and makes the best almost perfect for life’s struggles. you get competition away from home… so homeschooling a child MIGHT deprive a kid from these benefits amongst other innumerable benefits.


That’s my stance exactly…


Homeschooling DOES NOT mean low quality education!!!

I could homeschool my kids and I’m strongly considering it…


You can supervise the professional teachers that’ll teach the kids. You don’t necessarily have to be the one doing it.




Definitely not… Its a good practice if you can do it properly or get best hands for your kids…