What are your favourite baby names?


What are your favourite boy and girl baby names? Please also share the meaning of the name and tribe it comes from if you know.

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Oluwafeolami - God has enlarged my coast/increased my wealth. (Boy)
Oluwafirekemi - God has blessed me with goodness. (Girl)

Both Yoruba names.


i like getting to the bridge and crossing, i don’t think about it. When the time comes, the inspirarion will come


I think I’m going to write these names somewhere :heart_eyes:


I will have a favourite name when I have my first child. For now, I’m clueless


Pearl for the girl child and for the boy child i don’t know yet


Haha, you’d pay o


In 2020, I will


Haha, Ki olorun sho wa ju igbayen lo


Zinachimdi - Show my God is alive (literally)
Kamsiyochim -As I asked my God
Kosimerem - So he did it for me
(The last 2 are for my twin babies :grin::grin::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:)


What tribe are these names from? they sound beautiful.


It’s igbo😁


Alili (sorrow) :smile:


No favourites. Whatever God wants me to name them.