What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?


Share some of your opinions generally deemed to be publicly unpopular, one per post. Let’s also see how many you agree with… Go!

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Amongst all my controversial and unpopular opinions about business, politics and religion, no one opinion of mine has proved as unpopular as the one I am going to state below.

Christians should hold the sermons of Jesus Christ as the most important part of the Bible. His sermons dwelt on love for mankind and love for God and the love that God has for Man. He preaches that God is interested in our souls and not in our money.

  1. You don’t have to be a born again Christian or devout Muslim to do well in life or find happiness. End of story.

  2. Homosexuals are human and as such have rights too, deal with it.

  3. Calling people older than you Uncle, Auntie, Sir or Ma is not a sign of respect. Respect is earned not demanded. If you have to be called any of these to feel respected, you are an idiot.

  4. If you are a woman and you believe making a man work so hard for your attention translates to a long happy and fulfilling relationship, you are an idiot too.


@NaijaLander for president!!!


Voters card on my mind rai now!

@NaijaLander for President 2019.

  1. There’s no need for taking records of tithes paid :smirk:, no need to dance forward just 'cos you want to pay tithe, no need for the church to deny anyone help just 'cos they have no record/history of paying their tithes. :pensive: (By the way, I’m not anti-tithe, I just don’t feel comfortable with the way the payment of tithe is carried out in most Churches) + I pay tithe, I believe in it :ok_hand:
  2. When an elderly person dies, there’s absolutely no need for any form of party. Can’t we just bury the dead and all head to our houses :woman_shrugging: ? And pray that the young ones live old and fulfil destiny :pray:
  3. Contrary to popular beliefs, THERE ARE STILL VIRGINS in this world :face_with_raised_eyebrow:…and if you’re one, it doesn’t make you better than every other person :roll_eyes:.


I really do not know why they do this,
Doesn’t feel right



Hehehehehehehe. How did I not see this? You know why they do that? I think some feel it would make the guy value them more 'cos of the ‘‘stress’’ they think they put him through. I don’t see the sense in that though.


See why I like you? You have sense :ok_hand:

  1. No sex before marriage
  2. You can be best friends with the opposite sex without any strings attached.


Haha! I once talked about it with my mum, she’s like they do it to encourage people, I’m like how?. She doesn’t buy the idea as well but as Pastor she has to follow instructions from the top as well.




Same here. Most women think a man will value them cos he stressed himself to get their attention, it’s a dumb idea honestly.

Imagine toasting girl for 2 years and then finding out later her sex game I should whack :joy::joy::joy:


Mind you, most of these women just play hard to get so they don’t have to expose their weaknesses till it’s too late. Oldest trick in the book of feminine seduction.




You don’t believe in no sex before marriage ni? Abi what don’t you understand? @NaijaLander NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE! Stay chaste! Be chaste! Start being chaste!

  1. Human rights should be equal for EVERYONE … ruch , poor, gay , straight, female or male
  2. Issues centered on gender based violence, victim shaming and misogyny
  3. Marriage is not an achievement…
  4. Yes we do have gender roles in relationships/ Marriage … being a feminist doesn’t have to mean undermining the role of the man in the home
  5. Therapy / Psychiatric Help / mental issues in the African society… Depression is real… Anxiety is real… Being african doesn’t make us immune to mental health issues
  6. Entitlement in the african society - In terms of inheritance or “help” from our relatives. The world owes us nothing .
  7. Celibacy / Secondary Virginity


Yoruba people will fight you for this :joy:


Me sef know. But the whole partying sha me I never still see the essence :smiley: