What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?


All my reasons are faith-based tbh.

My faith believes Homosexuality, Prostitution and abortion are wrong and I believe it too.
Doesn’t mean I have to impose it on everyone , doesn’t mean I encourage it either

If there were a legal penance for abortion that would discourage it without putting women at risk of death via unsafe abortion e.g. a fine or community service . I’d have no problem with abortion being illegal as well.:woman_shrugging:t5:


There’s a very thin line there … there are so many things that are legal but considered morally wrong …

I am a Christian and I am also a human rights ambassador… Like for the case of homosexuality… I don’t get it why someone should be executed because of their sexual preferences ? When they are not endangering anyone with their lifestyle . My faith allows me to disagree with their choices but not to persecute them for these choices

It is a conundrum for me really because the Christian religion was introduced to us by white folk … People who stole from , tortured and massacred millions of people based on the colour of their skin and justified their actions using the name of God




My unpopular opinion is as unpopular as myself but I’m saying it anyway… Nigerians tend to glorify and normalize mental illnesses,parental abuse, uncivilized behavior, cheating in relationships…the list goes on… for the sole purpose of humor on social media (in most cases)…I can’t help but find that irritating and annoying…


I agree with you…my problem with modern day feminists is that they are not rational sometimes and 99.9percent of modern day feminists are clueless on feminism itself… that being said… I’m feminist😁


I totally agree


You don’t need to wear designers(Gucci et al) to show you are a successful entrepreneur.