What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?


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  1. No sex, kissing, caressing before marriage

  2. Opposite sex cannot be close friends without one or both of them developing feelings

  3. An ex should not remain friends with you. Feelings never die, they only fade and can be reignited

  4. Long distant relationship can work perfectly

  5. God chooses spouses for people. You can know who your spouse is by just praying before even getting into a relationship with them

  6. If a relationship is not heading to marriage, then it’s useless and worthless.

  7. A husband and wife don’t have the same authority and responsibilities in marriage.

  8. You cannot separate Biblical truths from everyday life.

  9. Some traditional practices should be abolished like marriage list/umunna list, giving village people things before burying a relative, etc.

  10. Inter tribal and under racial relationships and marriage can work.

  11. Playing hard to get is worthless.

  12. Don’t put your egg in more than one basket. Focus on your partner like your life depends on it and if it fails, move on. But don’t keep your options open once you’ve agreed to be in an official relationship.

  13. If you have engaged in oral sex, watched porn or masturbated, you are no longer a virgin even if your hymen is intact or even if you are a man

No kissing before marriage? 😳
  1. No Kissing ?? :ok_woman::ok_woman:

  2. Explain this one … how does it apply to non-christians

9)what’s marriage/umunna list ?

  1. Interesting :thinking::thinking::thinking:

  1. Love is the best religion ever. We could just practice love and everything else will fall into place.

  2. Same tribe marriage does not guarantee a successful or happy marriage.

  3. If I have my tithe in hand and I see a child or anybody in serious need of that money I will give it out, I can do that every other month if such situation arises. Religion is very personal.




Hehehehehehehe. @NaijaLander of all the things she wrote, na only that one you see to roll your eyes at. :rofl:


well she makes it sound like…never mind.


I mind. Care to expantiate? :grin:
She made it sound like…? I can bet the concluding part of that sentence go make me laugh


how and why ?


here we go again…


define “biblical truths”


does He?


this fucking *****!
what the fuck kinda opinions are these ?


NO @NaijaLander please, lets not insult each other yea? These are her opinions. They may see queer but it’s what it is for her. That’s why they are unpopular in the first place.


I understand but my opinions are logical and well researched. Hers just sound like religious crap! come on!