What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?


@Kiitan @KubasuInyanya @Drew @Judy @fola @Mira what do you guys think?


seriously ?


@Udy_Inyang you know, your opinions remind me of a good friend of mine back in university who would not eat the food prepared by a woman he is not married to except his family. He would also go on to talk about no sex before marriage and all…

Eventually he gets married in June and has a baby by November , I called to say congratulations, he responds with “Ah, na so God do am”


Exactly. The thread said unpopular and controversial. So I shared mine. Others should share theirs. No insults. Plus I didn’t say I’m perfect. These are my views and opinions which I like and I do fail at some of them. So…


Abeg o. Let my story not end like that man.


The guy whose other side I’m getting to know :grin: se you know that not everyone would agree with this :point_down:

…but it’s your view nonetheless. It doesn’t mean you’re an idiot for thinking that way. I think you have the right to your opinions, same way others have the right to theirs too. Whether the views are drawn from religious inference or not, view na view :woman_shrugging:


well let me be the first to tell you;

My sincerest apologies, but some of your views are just plain dumb. Wisdom is formulating opinion that is well thought out…every time I meet people like you, I feel like Nigeria is doomed.


I know and that’s why I’m calling them out. I too used to believe someone calling me Sir was respect until I thought about it. In life, you can only get the respect you deserve. Most Nigerians seem to confuse respect with fear.


@NaijaLander please learn to put your emotions in check!!! It would help you go a long way in dealing with people!!! Everyone cannot think like you!! You can drop your opinions without countermining others’.


I think when faced with a long rain of stupidity, it is both a right and duty to correct it. I’m sorry but some opinions are just plain stupid.


Oh please, this country is only at peace cos guys like me are restrained. But give it time, we are coming for the mediocre soon…just give it time. Free speech is not a right to mediocrity.


:roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah. Haters gon hate

“No kissing or caressing before marriage”

Kuku ma tell us to include it in the constitution.


@NaijaLander :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed: don’t be this guy… You know better… do better

@evansakanno … I’m still waiting for @Udy_Inyang to answer my questions … here’s one more

  1. why ?


:woman_facepalming:t5::woman_facepalming:t5:I see you are incorrigible. Wisdom is knowing when to freely speak and when to be quiet and observe.


The thread is about controversial opinions, we are allowed to dispute what we don’t agree with it. It’s called free speech.


I’m sorry @KubasuInyanya, but I have been divinely inducted and instructed to stunt on all mediocrity.


Matthew 5:28
But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.


I don’t have an issue with you airing your thoughts, I only have a problem with you being insultive all in the guise of free speech.


Noted. I apologize for being insulting.

Now I would respectfully ask @Udy_Inyang to please enlighten us more about her controversial opinions.