What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?


You lack decorum


She doesn’t owe you any explanation man.
But you guys please yourselves @Udy_Inyang @NaijaLander

I sha think the aim of this thread is defeated.
Why ask people to air their opinions when they are going to be insulted and blasted for their opinions?
Their own opinions…their life, their opinions!
cc: @evansakanno

Doesn’t make sense!




I’ve answered them. I was busy so couldn’t reply earlier. About no 6, I feel the main purpose of getting into a relationship is to get to know the person while working together towards marriage. Being in a relationship just for fun or other “benefits” seems to me to be a waste of time, emotions and valuable resources. plus it usually ends with emotional baggage in some cases which people may carry into their next relationship and marriage.

Of course, people cam still benefit from relationships that didn’t end in marriage.


Fuck decorum, we seen way past decorum socially in Nigeria.

I’m not saying this stuff because I despise her or because I think she doesn’t have a right to think the way she thinks.

You don’t get to define what decorum is to me.




Why so angry though :joy::joy::joy::joy:… Unto this matter!!!


Abeg talk to your husband jor. I understand his opinion, but there’s a better way to put it.


I literally just sighed too :roll_eyes:


If you believe in something, you had better be very well ready to defend it. Most Nigerians just walk around aimlessly around this right wing religious nonsense that they can barely defend when put on the spot.

And grow up @Aniekan, the thread isn’t taking its normal course, what sort of a group would we be if we didn’t have disagreements ?


She said “caressing and kissing”, sex I understand but caressing and kissing?

What the actual fuck?!


Is it your caressing and kissing???


Just say what you came to say and leave.


Guy! That you should actually calm down…


If only God knew what sex was going to cause centuries after HE made man… Even Sons of God came to do “wo woss wobi” :rofl: Anyways o, Me i can’t have a girlfriend i cannot kiss (After all the American film and French kisses in Silhouette, Harlequin, mills and boom) :rofl::rofl::rofl: BUt @NaijaLander it’s her opinion. Aunty @Udy_Inyang, God is ya muscle…




@NaijaLander, you need to calm down. There’s no need for all these abeg.

If someone else’s opinion doesn’t go well with you, you can actually read and pass.


Ok, on this, I will call you out. I had let it slide as one of those things but since you gave a comment on this when in reality you don’t follow it, I choose to draw your attention to it ( I won’t be offensive but we both know what such act is called). You still owe me an apology for subliminally calling me ‘insensitive’.


I concur.


Well, you may be right on this, but again it’s subjective and that’s why it’s a bit unpopular.

For someone like me though, I can be friends with a guy and not develope feelings for him. That’s for me though. My friends are majorly guys.