What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?


What’s happening on Zegist tonight??? I know we can’t ‘live’ in peace 100% of the time but these disagreements are enough for a day! People, please can we just kiss and make up and stop trying to reach for each other’s throat. PLEASE. Thank you.


I love you too! @Kiitan

We’re fine, don’t worry.


I concur to your opinions dear.


I concur to most of your opinions too, baby.

It’s good to have principles guiding your life… Nobody has the right to talk you down and you owe nobody an explanation.




Mira for President :joy::joy::joy:


I don’t agree with this. :grin:
At least it doesn’t work for me tho.

I feel we are different in the way we express our emotions and also how long we brood over failed relationships too.


Oh wow!!! I called you insensitive? I’m glad you called me out oh. I actually said @theunofficialomotayo you are insensitive? Come on! I said the statement is quite insensitive cos that is what we know how to do the most; dishing out advise all in the name of having an opinion without really putting ourselves in the person’s shoes. It’s one thing to be blunt and another thing to be insensitive. And that is not an insult, didn’t use the f-word at you neither did I call you an idiot :woman_shrugging:t5: Sorry all the same.


What about the guy? Is there a possibility that your male friends have never had feelings for you?


Exactly. We are different.

I’ve tried being friends with an ex and it didn’t work. In fact, it led to more disaster.

I’ve also tried being “just friends” with a guy and kole work. It’s either I develop feeling for him or does and it’s painful when the feelings aren’t mutual.


Like I typed earlier dear, you may be right on that, but it’s subjective.

Of course, most have, but not all.(at least not all told me… Prolly, they kept it to themselves).

But the truth is this, you can be friends with the opposite sex and still not develop feelings. If I develop feelings fo any of my friends, it’s because I wanted to /I allowed it, not because I couldn’t help it. You get?

For instance, e get as I go take friendzone or even brotherzone a guy eh, developing feelings won’t even be an option. Or you mean to say you don’t have any close male friend that you don’t have feelings for?


Yes, it is.


I get you. Just like @Aniekan said we express our emotions differently. It seems you choose who you develop feelings for, but I can’t. So I just distance myself from anyone I don’t want to have feelings for. Distance helps keep my feelings in check


Your own is good o. It doesn’t work for me all the time especially when the guy is handsome and speaks my love language


I dont have any close male friend because I can barely control my feelings so I don’t want to start developing feelings for a guy that won’t lead to anything and I don’t want him to develop feelings for me and I break his heart. So it’s more like a defence mechanism. I don’t know if you get.


I get. It’s well.

Man know thyself and what works for you.


Yeah. That’s it


@NaijaLander is the Nigerian Malcolm X.:grin:
but please be careful that you do not bite the poisoned apple.
Dr. King and Malcolm had opposing approaches in fighting the 'holy crusade’
they were both assassinated.
today only king is remembered for peace.
follow peace with all men…

also, i must say that not all logical premise leads to a conclusion that is an 'absolute fact".
to each his own.


Your right & I apologize for insulting her. To be honest, her opinions are the general consensus, there is nothing controversial about them.


Yes maybe I should have put it better but some things just need to be said in certain ways. I’m done buttering up people with such opinions.