What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?


You sound like you live in fear of every thing ma’am and you sound sexist. If you are unable to maintain platonic relationships with the opposite sex, then you have a problem.


You don’t sound like you are sorry. :face_with_monocle:


Good for you @NaijaLander however your response to her statements is the classic raise your voice instead of improving your argument… #Counterproductive


But for number 8… is it not only applicable to practising Christians? … There are many many many doctrines outside of Christianity that are applicable in life …

  1. Oh we have that too in my tribe … but only for close relatives

I may be misunderstanding you …If you don’t mind… Have you been in a relationship before ? If so … Does it start with the promise of marriage ? like before you agree to be in the relationship the two of you discuss that it’s leading to marriage ? If you haven’t do you mean to say the only man you date will be husband? If currently in a real relationship what is the guarantee it’ll lead to marriage ?

For number 13 I think the word you’re looking for is Chaste … You can be a virgin and not be chaste … Chastity is a Virtue …Virginity is a physical attribute

Reading your other responses … It is good that you are self aware…Love and light on your emotional journey :+1:t5:


(1)Embrace your stereotypes rise above it make it work for you.

(2) Giving up so easy is a greater treat.

(3) morality is not Christianity

(4) Grand gestures doesn’t always mean Love

(5) Theirs no shame in failing Chin the fuck up square up your shoulders,walk proud, strut a little. Don’t lick your wounds, celebrate them. The scars shows signs of a competitor You were in a lion fight just because you didn’t win don’t mean you don’t know how to ROAR.


Hello Sister, Please stop confusing us na. You said we should make up and kiss.
How do we kiss without holding throat na, tis passion that moves kisses to neck o. Or wait, where are we supposed to hold sef? :thinking::thinking:

Gbayii!! :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Oshey!! Minister of investigation and defence. Coman help him collect the sorry na :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk: Berra respect yourself and don’t start with me this morning oh :tipping_hand_woman:t5:


Yeah…same way I feel.
This thing is all about choices…choose who to love, who to crush over, who to pursue, who to get over


How? You know from start or from findings?


:smile: smh


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: you’re just something else


Yes. That’s true


Thank you for pointing that out. I think the right word there is “chaste”


What’s the topic of discussion sef? Most controversial issue, right?

This is mine:
“I love you is different from I’m in love with you”.

If you need explanation, biko calmly ask me why… Today isn’t a good day for one’s head to ache… No day is actually good for my head to ache due to argument, Biko. :laughing::smile:




Yes, I’ve been in a relationship before but I can’t remember if it started with the promise of marriage. But yeah, we both discussed that it was leading to marriage although at the end of the relationship, it seemed like he was only using “the marriage talk and promise” to string me along.

If and when I’m getting into another relationship, I hope that it starts with a discussion that we are together because we want the relationship to lead to marriage. Of course, it may not lead to marriage but I feel it’s better to define the purpose of the relationship before getting into a relationship.

It’s not a must that the next man I date will be my husband. But it’s my desire that the next man I date will be my husband. I ain’t got time to be kissing frogs before I find my Prince. :grinning:

I hope I’ve answered your questions.


I agree with this. “I love you” can be on a platonic basis but “I’m in love with you” sounds more romantic. Is that what you mean?


Yes. I agree with this. I think my issue is with the level of closeness and intimacy - more like having a male best friend you talk to all the time, share personal and sensitive information with, etc.

I usually think people feel I’m sexist or a lesbian but I’m not. I love guys. They make better friends than women. So yeah, I agree with your statement to a certain degree


I don’t understand your question



Saying I love you doesn’t necessarily mean one is interested in being in an intimate relationship (dating) with you, it simply means that yeah, I love you.

I love you has actually broken many hearts(male or female) because they actually saw it as I’m in love with you. That’s how the society has made the love term appear though.

For me, I don’t find it difficult to say I love you to a friend… It’s more like my trademark. I can finish teasing you and end it with an I love you too :wink:. A friend, in my own understanding is someone I love and feel I can trust. So, why can’t I say I love you to my friend? 🤷

Most persons want to say these words to their friends, but the fear of being misunderstood makes them withhold it. Thus, you see people saying I love you countless times when writing a dirge.

I don’t carelessly use the term I’m in love with you, and also I mind who I say I love you to. If I see I’m being misunderstood, I don’t hesitate to explain myself so it doesn’t look like I’m leading someone on to abandon him in a desert. :joy:

I actually study/observe my friends and know those that a random I love you from me can cause havoc to their heart. I’m not a heart breaker mbok.

This doesn’t mean I can’t say I love you to someone I’m in love with. Of course, plenty I love you go dey for that person, that’s after we’ve known we are in love with each other.