What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?




Apt ,you are smart. E-hugs


Yes you have … I needed you to clarify because of exactly what you just said … I pray God gives you strong discernment … And protect you from men who will only agree to your terms just to get to you … Not because they share the same beliefs as you …

But you’re really strong … No kissing !!! For me … I must kiss :kissing_heart: :kiss:




Am I strong? I don’t think so. If I was that strong I would probably not mind kissing.

No kissing before marriage? 😳

See your mouth like “Berra respect yourself” - what are you gonna do if I don’t stop?


It was same question @KubasuInyanya asked. You’ve answered well. :slight_smile:


So you agree being chaste don’t make you a virgin ?


See me laughing here!! :joy::joy::joy: u’re so predictable… Like I knew you were gonna ask that question. I have a feeling all of these controversy you throw out here is all fun and games to you. Shy and quiet people have loud minds,so bring it on!




If people worked as hard as they do in church, they will be more productive and prosperous.


I tell you!


II think abortions should be legal in Nigeria.

Making abortion illegal didn’t stop women from having them it only made these people seek out quacks or some strange drugs so they could have unsafe abortions that might kill them, make them infertile or scar them for life.
I don’t support abortions, I believe all life is sacred but I don’t believe legally depriving a woman of the right to access proper healthcare hence putting her life at risk is the right way to go about discouraging abortions
If abortions were legal, Many young Nigerian women would be alive today if we stopped being hypocritical and just used our heads

It’s hypocrisy to act like we don’t know abortions still happen even if they’re illegal. We’re just making it illegal so we soothe our consciences, makes no sense to me.


I’m with you on everything sis!
This one in particular !

Christianity is a lifestyle! It means I don’t think the same way everyone does and that’s fine.
It bugs me when people (esp. Christians) say “let’s leave Christianity aside for a moment and” … like what??? Dude I’m not just saying I’m a Christian for the name I’m saying it because I’m living the reality and I believe in EVERYTHING following Jesus stands for. I can’t just drop His word asides and pick it up when I want that’s making Jesus an option I can choose whenever I want, and he isn’t, he’s my Lord.

I don’t see people regularly giving Buddhist these kind of talks for their own religion sha… its we that should be keeping our Christianity aside on top everything we are asked to air an opinion on :roll_eyes:
Abeggiii in lasisi’s voice Jesus is my life, I believe what he says, call me brain washed… ion really care✌🏾


Yup :clap:t5::clap:t5:
Minus the Idiot part tho… :slightly_smiling_face::smirk:


Uncle why are you so angry?? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I dunno why I feel you have a lot of backstories to this one but it’s itching me to hear them all .

I have a question tho "how hard is too hard?"
Like because I know y’all are talking now but if a lady gives you all the attention you crave some of your masculine species will stand up and be talking

“she’s such a flirt, she’s so needy, she’s blah blah blah”

Even if they don’t talk they’ll act like it and start taking it for granted…

So how hard is too hard to make a man work for attention?

And what is this attention sef? :joy:




What about the child? So we should allow women do whatever they want to do with their bodies and careless about the life of the foetus.


Hey dear.
Maybe you should read what I’m saying agin and try and get my point of view.

Life is sacred, you know it , I know it.

If a young girl walks up to me and tells me she wants to have an abortion, I’ll try and talk her out of it but the truth is you don’t have control over what another person chooses to do with their body, Even if you pass all the laws in the world.

Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, I know many active homosexuals still

Prostitution is illegal in Nigeria, yet runs babes and prostitutes are abundant.

Abortion is illegal in Nigeria, I’ve met countless women who have had abortions still

Is it a law? Yes
Does it still control what people will do? No

I’m in support of the other being illegal but abortion, no because mine is more of a health concern for the women.

Let’s talk statistics

In 2012 alone there were 1.25 MILLION induced abortions in Nigeria i.e. In every 1000 pregnant women of reproductive age in Nigeria 33 of them Aborted it

In every 1000 pregnant women in Nigeria 59 women do not want the pregnancy and out of those 59 women 56% of them have abortions

And the truth is when doing statistics on sensitive issues like this in a Nigerian setting the figures are actually higher than what you see (because most women withhold this info for fear of stigmatization)

Now an unsafe abortion is any abortion that isn’t done by a ‘skilled professional’ with the ‘appropriate instruments’ in the ‘appropriate facilities’

Which means any abortion not carried out by a qualified doctor, in a hospital setting with the right instrument is not safe for women

The risks of unsafe abortions are numerous
Infection, bleeding, infertility (I’ve seen so many women become depressed and loose marriages because of this) and death

Making abortion illegal means if a woman wants to have an abortion (despite all your convictions and motivational talk, which is the case most of the time) she can not have a safe abortion because a medical professional is bound by law not to help her.

It means she has to either have an unsafe abortion or have the baby .
But like I said, you can’t make that choice for her and statistics show that 56% (the figure is actually higher) will choose an Unsafe abortion.

Why do we have to make women suffer the danger of an unsafe abortion, risk their health and loose their lives or chances of having babies in future just because they made a choice you don’t agree with ?
(I don’t believe God supports this, understand that not everyone is saved and can see what you see so punishing them for their ‘sins’ is not your place )

Would I as a doctor encourage my patient to get an abortion? No
But again I have no choice over the patient’s body so if she insists I want to be able to at least be able to refer her to a certified clinic (because I won’t do it for her) where I’m sure she can get a safe abortion without being arrested for wanting the best for my patients health.

You get?


I still don’t get