What are your most controversial or unpopular opinions?


Try opening your mind a bit. The world is not black and white.


That’s why it’s an unpopular opinion.

You’re seeing : “we should legalize the killing of babies”

I’m seeing : “women are dying daily and loosing their ability to have children when they want because we are denying them access to healthcare if they make a choice that we do not agree with”

You’re seeing “encourage abortion”

I’m seeing "all the laws we have been passing have not stopped abortions from happening but instead just made them more dangerous for the women, maybe we should allow them to access safe abortions so they at least don’t get hurt . And then find another way to discourage abortion that doesn’t include legalizing the death of many women via unsafe abortion "


Modern day Christians are programmed to build walls that shield them from “unrighteous people”

Christ who is our lifestyle model built bridges to connect and help “unrighteous people”


A customer is not always right


Let’s see…

  1. Friends are for inconvenience… I cannot call you my friend if I cannot willingly go out of my way for you
  2. You cannot receive what you do not give. Most times i am always saying no one calls me and then i realize, I also do not call them so…
  3. Never say never… It will bite you in the ass…
  4. Relationships take work… if you do not wanna work, please stay single
  5. If you wanna cheat, stay single. Do not mess people up because you are insatiable or plain selfish… Hell will be a paradise for the hurt you deserve…
  6. Life is hard… Don’t make it harder by being a nuisance.
  7. Feminists… if you ask for equality, be unbiased about it… do not put the world in confusion because you do not have your priorities straight…
  8. We are Africans and yeah Nigerians… Culture and confusion are almost the same thing… do nt make the whole world your village by telling us to observe silly traditions…
  9. If you have nothing sensible to say, chew gum or keep eating, just find a way to shut up…




Oh my…


Define “silly traditions”


silly traditions are ones we can so do without…
in as much as we are trying to preserve our heritage, we should also make it bearable for one another…

There is the Bini tradition that a woman must undergo widow’s right if she loses her husband.
Went for the burial of a 95 year old man last weekend and his wife who is also old (in her eighties likely) was made to undergo this right by shaving her head and painfully mandated by her first son.
Please and please… do i need to further define silly?
I could go on but i assume you get my drift… we need to strengthen one another not drag ourselves down


Oh my goodness!!! You are making a whole lot of sense!! Please go on, I’m enjoying this beautiful write up. :clap::clap::clap::clap:


I TELL YOU!!! Anytime I say this , people say I anger easily :pensive::pensive::pensive:


my dear… keep telling them… life is hard. if you wanna be a nuisance, please delete yourself from my space


This thing can happen to anybody oh :disappointed_relieved:


lol… ahh…
that is why the ‘delete button’ is forever young…
use it whenever it applies to you…





I have another one … I do not sympathize nor empathize with women who are abusive towards people (esp men) and then act shocked when they retaliate …

You cannot lay your hands on a man and then cry wolf when he hits you back … That was not domestic violence … It was a fight … and you lost …


Why are you in support of homosexuality and prostitution being illegal ?




Church doctrines are self imposed by humans on other humans who happens to believe it thinking is the word