What Can I Do To Lose Weight?


I am anonymous because i don’t want anyone to start raising an eyebrow to actually know how fat i have become. Some people have free time on their hands like that… :expressionless:

I am fat and too fat already and i’m beginning to get worried because most of my clothes won’t fit the way i want. I don’t know what i am doing wrong to get this weight. Is it my food, sleeping habit or what precisely?

Please and please, if you have gone through a weightloss journey before and it came out well, help me through this before i begin to cull back into an unsafe space because of people who won’t keep their mouth closed but rather prefer to say “sister, you are fat o” “Sister, you be Obese?” “Sister no body go marry fat person like you o”…


:face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow: Smh, the Nigeria we live in.

I have never purposely gone through a weightloss journey but i think @Ms_aijohi can help.


I do know taking lots of water on a daily basis and staying away from sugary food and drinks would go a long way to helping you lose some weight
@Sucre @ogeh47 should be able to help.


Checkout @foodpharmacie on IG for both weightloss and healthy weight gain. She offers personal diet plans too. Jxt check it out and send a dm


Dear oh dear! A lot could lead to weight gain,mine was due to the fact that I didn’t maintain the sporty activities when I left secondary school and it wasn’t funny. Eating habits,don’t skip your meals and if you must-just take a little. Avoid can foods,sugary drinks and replace them with fruits or even home made blended fruits(watermelons helps as well),carbohydrates aren’t our friend dear. How well do you sleep? To regulate your sleeping habits,just sleep twice a day (siesta and night rest),I’m a late night sleeper tho so sleeping isn’t my thing but when I have the opportunity to,I don’t cheat nature.
Then lastly,work that body out. Register at any gym center close to you and most especially affordable to help you burn the fats.
Besides has anyone told you that you’re beautiful? Well I’m telling you that,so hold on that that you’re gorgeous… Because you need to be confident in yourself and your being else your weight loss will be in vain and for pleasure of people and not you. #staybeautifulandsmileoften


@Peacehoney You know how to give soothing words tho… Even me i’m touched! I didn’t know sugary drinks can lead to weight gain o…


You can imagine how it took me a long time to build my confidence concerning weight loss. Lemme tell you, if you disturb yourself concerning it, you won’t reduce. I was in a relationship where my bf would say, if you don’t reduce your weight lol not that I was fat o, I will surprise you with a break up lol I bought this slim tea but I wasn’t faithful to it cos its expensive. You have to build up your self confidence and see yourself as a beautiful being. Remember, just as our Father is, so are we cos we were made in His image and likeness.

Now, I have dropped some weight… Lemme give you some hint…
I take cucumber and some fruits (browse it out)
Then, lemon not lime…lemon and hot water= hot lemonade, morning and evening. You can also put cucumber inside the hot lemonade. Stop taking junks like indomie, coke, fanta anythung sugary once in a while, drink more water lol even the hot lemonade would make you drink alot of water…then most of all, exercise… Walk a lot if you can’t register in a gym.


Really? People like us that are “fanta” freak? :weary::weary::weary: I’m trying to watch my weight too… How can i just stop Fanta? @Aje save me!!! :cry:


Lol, I love coke very much but now, I have decided to minimize my intake of sugary substance. People say, I have reduced compare to before. If I can do it, you can do better. Start from small small then you will see there is no big deal in taking fanta but just money waste… Born the fat, walk a lot, don’t seat too much…I walk lol I now love walking


Me i want to add some weight oo… Sorry love, I can’t fit to help you…


Awwn…it’s my pleasure dearest. It sure does.


Fat is not a good thing jor @pretyprexy just do as I say.


My dear, don’t say this where actual fat people are o… There are really plumpy ladies who won’t take that funny…

Point is, create yourself into the shape you want for yourself and work on it…


Yeah I know why I made that statement o, it leads to different sicknesses…the best is stay fit as possible.


people of God, i am here to tell you about something(lol). but seriously i am into keto and it works like kilode, now i am not talking about pills, rigorous crap being shunned out there. i mean eating the healthy way and loosing those laceral fats that can clog your lungs and kidneys and the likes. First of all you have to have your self confidence, i have some family members that think they have to live their lives through you, ah gloria where you dey fat dey go, men dey find girls wey slim these days oo, advice upon advice or preferably mockery. But i decided to first love myself admist all the crappy talk, know my body type, i am an endomorph(we eat and retain fats), there are other body types like ectomorph and mesomorph. so i decided to eat have a lifestyle change, because i cannot come and be eating like ectomorphs that eat but do not reatin fats(people like dija of mavin records), i started to keto(eating healthy fats and vegetables and the rest) and exercises, i can tell you this, i have lost some weight, i am not where i want to be, iam not where i used to be, but i will get there. So long story short, you can join ketogenic lifestyle on facebook or go solo and browse about KETO DIET on the internet and begin to see your life transform before your very eyes.


Self confidence is key in whatever we have to do… Because if its absent, no matter how people try to lose weight, it will never satisfy some people. To some, you will appear too fat and to others, too slim. So if you have to lose weight, lose it for yourself and not because someone wants you to fit into what they want.


Keto is bae for life