What can one learn about a person's personality just by observing them?

  1. People who are more detail-oriented and critical tend to be more apprehensive about applauding. They won’t clap just because everyone else is clapping; they don’t feel the pressure to fit in. They clap only when they are impressed.

  2. People who are more self-assured are not embarrassed of being seen alone. They are too busy pushing their own lives forward to worry about what others might think. They also tend to value their privacy.

  3. People who follow main-stream fashion trends are generally more social and naive. They are obsessed with social media and depend on the approval of their peers to feel confident. They think they are “edgy” and “trendy”. They are not. Some wear knock-off designer pieces (ex. lace up boots that resemble the lowlands from stuart weitzman but are from payless shoes). Others wear the real deal in a flashy manner.

  4. People who have been wealthy for many generations won’t flaunt their wealth.

  5. People who smile at strangers are mentally strong. They don’t care how others will respond; they just want to spread kindness. They have been through a lot in their lives.

  6. I think it is important to trust your first impression/gut feeling of people. Their aura and presence can show a lot.

  7. The way people walk can tell what state of mind they are in. Successful people tend to walk like they have a mission to accomplish- large brisk strides. People who are depressed are more lethargic.

  8. How they treat themselves. If they are kind and sympathetic to themselves, they will also be more accepting to others. If they constantly pick at themselves, they will most likely do the same to you. They might not verbally criticize you, but they will silently judge your every movement.

  9. Their gaze. What do they stare at? What gets their attention? Are they afraid of making eye contact? Do they hold their gaze for a long time, or do they flutter around? Follow their gaze to find out what catches their attention. In a room full of different objects and people, what do they notice first? For example, my little brother noticed a helper at our Karate place drinking water on the mat. It was clear from his expression that he was pretty jealous because he is used to getting special treatment at school and loves being the teacher’s pet. If they stare at the floor a lot, they are usually contemplative and worrisome. I used to do this a lot as a kid. Essentially, people notice different things, depending on their interests and habits. Another thing I’ve noticed is that people who hold a faraway gaze are more inventive and imaginative. They enjoy analyzing the abstract and letting their minds run free. People with steely, beady eyes are more meticulous and analytical. They are known for their quiet observation skills. Finally, I don’t think anyone can feign the warmth and tranquility that come from the eyes of truly compassionate people. People who do not harden with disenchantment are the best people to get to know.

  10. Maintaining eye-contact shows confidence and authenticity in most cases.

  11. A genuine, wholesome smile says a thousand words.
    That’s all I can come up with in one go!


Either ways, let people be happy.