What Colour is the Devil?

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Growing up as kids, we all knew the Devil’s favourite colour was black or perchance we assumed it. I watched a movie during the week and it casted the devil wearing black. Definitely, it got me brains dancing to a new reasoning. What colour is the Devil?

Prejudice who never died
now resurrected in words
demeaning, downgrading subtle inference
in this court of law, I beg my difference

Black market for the black sheep
Black magic by the black man,
Black Friday, black whatever!
Black is doomed, Doomed!!
Since the christening of it’s name was groomed

As kids, we knew the devil was black
in his flowing gown and well oiled horns
this we eagerly learnt from flying phrases
that ours, was the annoying and most envious of races

Tchai! The pot calling the kettle black
sometimes, I get vexed that I want to black out
but not before I give them all a black eye
and give them a black economy by throwing them in a black hole

Why is sackcloth black?
Why should there be a blacklist?
Must evil be written in a black book?
Must the plane have a black box?

Now that i have hit your black mark
Say your black-mass and stuff me in your black-maria
Call me the blackguard with no need for a blackmail

© Aje 2017

Darkness is but a colour, anyway God is racist!! :joy:


Nice one @Aje, you should Invite us for one of your poetry show


I sure would


Black use to be my favorite color… :sob::sob::sob:

I love this piece tho …

It shows how much black has been associated with evil and sadness…


Really nice!

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