What is the dumbest thing you believed as a child?


For me… Its the bizarre of things.

  1. Lagos is the only country in the whole world
  2. Adults has lots of money
  3. I thought people lived in traffic lights and they were the ones pressing the buttons and i still ‘lowkey’ do.
  4. ‘Soaking garri’ will make you go blind
  5. Kissing a girl will make her pregnant :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Omo them sell you o :joy::joy:


:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::joy::joy::joy: with N5 only

  1. If you’re eating biscuits or sweets and it falls to the ground, don’t take it back because the devil has touched it.
  2. If you wear rubber band on your head, it will suck your blood.
  3. If you let a lizard see your fallen tooth, it will never grow back.
  4. If you don’t close your eyes when praying, you might see spirits coming out of other people to enter you.
  5. If you hiss, snake will visit you.

Will add to the above if I recall others :joy:


My baby sister falls for this all the time. Free biscuits for the FAM whenever there’s a fall :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::grimacing:

  1. If you eat while standing, the food will go to your legs!
  2. Throw your teeth on the roof with goat’s shit and run inside, this will make the teeth grow faster
  3. Don’t sweep at night, if u do u are a witch

This; up till now my mum still says it :rofl::rofl: there was a time I stopped drinking garri cos if it! But then I started using glasses in Uni so I decided to start drinking the garri again since I don blind small already :joy:


Lol :joy::joy:


I can recall just two:
1⃣ if you whistle at night you’re calling spirits.
2⃣ God gives children. (They dinor tel me dat the man and woman wee do suntin)


I used stones :joy::joy:


I tot if lizard swallows your broken tooth. you’re no longer grow another.

I tot Gotham was a real place.

If you drink coconut water you become dull


Lol yeye


Is it not? :grimacing:


If you pick rubber band from the floor, you’ll turn to yam.


Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl: this one was so scary. The way I used to wash the coconut carefully before eating so I won’t mistakenly taste the water :sob:


If you eat fish eyes you wee no sabi book. :joy::joy: Maybe this is why I don’t really like the head of fish till today.
If they use broom to beat you, your thing wee disappear.
If you whistle at night you’re calling snakes.

You people have mentioned the rest.


Lol! The broom thing. Epic

  • if I eat indomitable I’ll have superpowers.
  • if I knock my elderly ones, I’ll not grow.
  • ojujucalabar.


That aliens where real
That putting a spider on my hand will make me spiderman (you don’t want to know the stupid things I did because of this)
India beat Nigeria 100-1
A man must not cry
If you eat in the pot, it will rain when you want to go somewhere important


Ball turn into lion, whoever came up with this, is out of this world


:rofl::rofl::joy: i can imagine