What is the maximum amount a guy should spend on a first date with a girl?


So what is the maximum amount you think is sensible to spend on a first date. I think it depends on location and your relationship with the person your going out with, it also depends on your income.

For example, if you are going to the Island in Lagos, budget N10,000 minus your transport, if its on the mainland, N7000 is enough in this economy. I don’t think it’s advisable to spend so much on a first date, it might turn out a disappointment although the fear of disappointment should never deter you from having fun.

So what do y’all think ?

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Let him spend what he can afford whether high or Low. I really don’t care, it is still first date there is still more to discover.
As much as I don’t want a tight fisted man I don’t want the lavish spender either.


As much as a man can afford. Even if its a million.


I agree with your analysis @NaijaLander . I wouldn’t want a suitation of spending to impress,he should spend according to what he’s capable of and honest with it.


Affordability - spending what he can afford. No unnecessary over impression.


Never thought of this before … let him spend what he can afford … but please he must show he put some thought and effort on the date … I’m not his homeboy … He MUST MUST be a gentleman…




I think it depends on the rapport with the person. I think dates are evolving these days. If you are taking a friendship approach your average N7000 might just be fine.

I think the most important thing is to put some heart to the first date. Some ladies are not about the fancy things and if she has told you over the DMs about a special craving for Amala, you can take her to Ola Iya in Shitta and she might appreciate the quirkiness and always remember that memorable first date.

For me, the first date is a type of mental interview to check if there will be a next time, so I’ll prefer to go to a place that’s comfortable enough for real talk.

Again… my opinion.


The man should think about continuity, and he spend within his means so her expectations aren’t too high for him for next time. He can’t start the first few dates in Chinese and Italian restaurants and then expect her to follow him to Mr Biggs next time. Unless of course, na hit-and-run and he just wants to get her to bed.

Meanwhile, we’re in the 21st century o and there’s no rule stopping ladies from spending on men even on the first date. So feminists, where y’all at?


:joy::joy::joy: I should go to an amala date oh!! Every time movie date, movie date…the date don tire person sef.




Never thought about this, but he should please and please spend dependent on his means cos if he is trying to act omo baba lowo, i will bring out my Edo demon(not only yorubas have demon). prior to the date, we must have talked about places i like/love to go to, so he should access the one he can afford. #myonekobo.com


He should not pass boundaries…the lady would love him like that if she’s actually the right person


I think this is the best reply to read… He shouldn’t spend too much and focus on what he can keep up with. Its not a wise idea to start spending bills when you really know you can’t keep up with it. He shouldn’t even try to impress anyone in a first date… Just be real and be yourself. If she doesn’t like you because you’re not spending too much on a first date, well that’s her loss.


30 billion for the account ooo






Just don’t pass your boundary. Shikena :grin:


Who’s to tell someone what he is to spend on a first date? As much as he wants to obviously


Just reading…