What is the place of SEX in a relationship?

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I had had opportunities to discuss with people that are in relationship and each time I try to talk them out of Pre marital sex in their relationship, most guys will say, " of what use is a relationship without sex?" A question that appears true. In the bit of not trying to judge, I wish to ask, what role does sex place in your relationship or is sex even necessary in a relationship before marriage? #BeingRealWithVSIX

I think it helps to strengthen the bond in a relationship, which makes it perfect for married folks but risky for singles cos the heartbreak could be more devastating.


True that

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Good morning am new to his community. But I feel in my own view that every relationship has to be built on trust and self respect with the solevaim of improving the self esteem of both parties am not an advocate of sex before marriiage. But in marriage it strengthens the bond


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