What kinds of PETS do you love


Let’s know what kind of animal catches your fancy. I’m clearly not wizkid that went for a goat, anyway his little goat(kid) is adorable, most Arabian princes normally choose cheetahs and I see that as dangerous. Some go for a specific dog breed, some cats, some mouse(in the western world though) ; so what’s your take on pets? @mira @Yeye @evansakanno @Valkyr @NaijaLander @Judy @Kiitan @Kachie


One pet I’d love to get in a near future is a snow white rabbit. :rabbit2:


Dogs: Labrador retriever, Rottweiler, Doberman, Beagle


None… Anything pets, animals count me out.


Dogs (Rottweiler breed or a wolf) and a little white Chihuahua.
Parrots (I find them fascinating)
Aquarium fish (very cute creatures)


Dogs, any day anytime. I’m very crazy about them. I have had about 13/15 of them over the years and had different breeds (local, German Shepherd, glen of imaal terrier, Rottweiler). There’s just something fascinating and endearing about them.


Dude that’s quite a number, undoubtedly you love dogs beyond measure, I love dogs too but just puppies, I once heard of a cute dog breed that stays small, can’t remember the name;it’s not chihuahua or terrier do you know another? .


Naira, Dollar and Pounds Sterling. :relieved:


I am looking to get a Pug. Heard a puppy cost about 150k. So for now I will just be liking them from afar.




The Beagle looks adorable

Rottweiler ke :grimacing: @Judy are you sure you can handle it?




Yeah…but my love for them was made to look like nothing last year when I took my dog to the vet and it was decided that the dog be put to sleep (Animal euthanasia). One man who brought his own dogs (about 4 boers/rotts) started crying; i mean this is a grown man, with tattoo and muscles, married with children, crying and me that owned the dog, I was just smiling; that day, I saw the meaning of true love.
For small dogs, there are different breeds: Lhasa apso, lowchen, gleen of imaal terrier, norfolk terrier. etc but I recommend gleen of imaal, i had one last year and it was just a joy to watch it…very beautiful something:joy:


I’m not doubting you bro, but just tell me how you’re going to keep it in check. :grinning:


Any animal that can swallow millions is fine by me. My life is not hard.


Somebody should get this brother an Elephant!

I’m sure it can swallow more than 70million. History is about to be made!


I love the idea of having pets like dogs, cats and snakes… I have always fancied the idea, I still do but from afar!!


Cats… lots of them


Snake bawo, ahn ahn


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I come from a lineage of Snake charmers though. Maybe that’s why. But I love the kingsnakes… I am yet to see one Kingsnake though i’ve seen other types… Here is how she looks like…