What kinds of PETS do you love


Tohh. All the best sir




I love white dogs.
And I also love birds


Good for you bro, because as far as I’m concerned I see a snake, it’s war!!! :smirk:


Mehnnn same here ooo I am kinda happy my dog has refused to grow tall … Some dude has about two “new foundland” (i think thats the name of the breed) close to my house… Dude!!! those things look scary. from afar they look like cute teddy bears but upclose they are scary… I hate big dogs with long tongues… I just want them small , moderate sized, hairy and cute.


Aje please go away…






@Enigma yes I believe I can handle them. I love big dogs and the little hairy ones too.


Horses!!! Strong and gentle at the same time.


I love dogs. Well, in pictures :joy::joy::joy:






Far away please.


Dooooooooooog: Boerboel and Pit… (own both) :yum:


You’re good, you own a pitbull hmmm… That breed is seemingly the most ferocious.


Yes i know but he is still young, His a year old but the Boerboel is 3yrs. I’m already havin a problem with them because they always fight eachother everyday.


I totally understand because I’ve been close to an alsatian owner, the brute that seemingly got to like me almost bit me at a point. A horrendous experience I must say as I ran faster than Usain Bolt. :relieved:


Lmao!!! both of my dogs are very aggressive. i always open the boerboel during the day and release the Pit at night. I’m tired of separating them everyday.


Habubu, We Love the same pet, No wonder I love you :heart_eyes: