What kinds of PETS do you love


Love you too @atynukeh :blush:




I was kidding…

For me, it’s the orangutan and capuchin monkey…but because they are both potentially dangerous and because the former is engendered, my love is just in my mind.

I’ve also lived with a German shepherd and it makes a good pet for me


Hi , I like to watch how fishes are swimming in my aquarium . I feel relaxed and in this way I get rid of the stress at the end of the day. My aquarium is 100l so there I have roughly 23 fishes. Recently I have made an amazing scenery . I bought some algae’s and live rocks and want to make a natural environment for my lovely pets . Hopefully i have a discount in this shop https://arcreef.com . I am thinking to buy one more aquarium and install in my bedroom . It could be a good idea as a decoration in my house.


I must admit I’ve recently come to love aquariums, such an exotic taste you have😎. I hope your aquarium has beautiful lighting (for night splendor) ?