What Nigerian homosexuals need to know

  1. You can’t walk around cyber space assuming every one you meet online is also gay. Same way you want straight folks to respect your sexual preference, you also gotta respect other people’s sexual preference(s).

  2. Don’t send random dudes or ladies dick pics, its rude and its disgusting (no offense)

  3. Jesus Christ was not gay

  4. If you are a gay dude and you meet a dude online, be formal, be platonic, don’t call some guy you met 1 minute ago “dear”. its disgusting, even women don’t call a guy they just met “dear”

  5. Just because your gay doesn’t mean you’re immoral, learn to know your limits, you really don’t have to try everything

  6. Jesus loves you too. Being gay shouldn’t make you an atheist. Learn to search the scripture (biblical or Koranic or whatever) nd reconcile what you are with what society wants you to be, in other words, be yourself no matter what.

  7. Being yourself is not warrant to become Bobrisky and when I say Bobrisky, I don’t mean the cross dressing Bobrisky, I mean the Bobrisky dishing out bad advice to young people on the internet.

  8. If you have straight friends, try to not talk them into being gay, respect their choices like you would want them to respect yours.

  9. Be discreet.

  10. There will always be people who hate you. Even straight people hate other straight people, the world is a hateful place, get used to it.

Just because I posted this doesn’t mean am gay, am not gay, this was just an observation.


Funny enough, some persons do not want to comment on this thread for fear of being associated with homosexuality.

It is paining to see that even as we are gradually creeping into the 22nd century, there are people who still have limited thinking.

Dear anonymous78, why authoring this post under an anonymous account? What exactly are you afraid of?
Then, what is wrong with the word “Dear”
Why have Nigerians like you chosen to associate words, colours, behaviours and patterns to sexuality? You know why I’m asking?
I will tell you why…

Nigerians think Guys who like Pink are gays. You run while crossing the road, you’re gay. You rock a fellow guy at a club, you’re gay. You use snapchat, you’re gay. You shave your legs, you’re gay. You pout, gay. You don’t like football, gay. You cross-dress, gay.

Like who the fuck made such stupid laws?!! Who decides what gay and straight people should do?
Why are we so irrational?
Why are we so delusional and full of misdemeanor?

Even watching gay porn doesn’t make one gay, that’s why its called a sexuality. You either choose a sexuality or you’re born with it. I believe there are ladies who watch lesbian porns and bisexual clips who are neither. Same as there are straight guys who’ve seen gay films are still gay. But they wouldn’t tell for fear of being associated with what they think is abnormal.

Your no.1 says “You can’t walk around cyber space assuming every one you meet online is also gay. Same way you want straight folks to respect your sexual preference, you also gotta respect other people’s sexual preference(s).”…

We straight guys should as well know that we should stop assuming all ladies are straight and after what we have between our legs. You shouldn’t walk around ‘chyking’ girls whom you’re not sure of their sexual preference. All you have to do is, ASK FIRST.

No. 9 is offensive.
I’m straight and I’m not discreet, why should a homosexual be?

I’m tired of typing. I could write a book here.


Why is number 9 offensive?

I wrote the opening post.

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Ask a girl you want to toast if she’s gay ?

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dude common! you have to be at least 40% gay to want to rock another guy in the club.


@Stardmich why would you rock your fellow guy in a club? I can reconcile others as stereotypes but this one is pending…


Here we go again…

This one is totally new.

40% gay like seriously???

Like when did sexuality become something to be measured in percentage?

Man, if you’re gay, you’re gay.
You’re bi, you’re bi.
You’re straight, you are fucking straight!!

You can’t be something percent of another sexuality, and be another percentage of another sexuality.

Girls kiss themselves in Nigeria, and its normal. A guy rocks a guy at a club and some considers it gay. Are you human at all?

And yes, ask a girl for her sexual preference before you toast her.
I have got lesbian friends who talk about how terrible guys are at that. Like, you see a random girl and you’re all over her. Do you consider if she’s interested or not? Since you said, “You can’t walk around cyber space assuming every one you meet online is also gay. Same way you want straight folks to respect your sexual preference, you also gotta respect other people’s sexual preference(s).”, this should apply to straight guys who go after lesbian girls too.
I believe you’re one of those who feels the female gender is the weaker gender, eh?

If yes, that says it all.

And something else, I think I already mentioned why no.9 is offensive, but you just don’t read. Thats why you didn’t see that.

Have a nice day, man.

Because nobody is a slave, that’s why.

You’ve ever heard of “bromance”? Go google.

If the other guy is okay with it, why should it be wrong to?

I have a best friend. We bath together, especially when we go for campings et all. We sleep together (not sex, don’t misunderstand). We share alot in common.

If we go to a club, what’s wrong if we decided to dance together? What’s with clubbing? Are there dancing rules, who to rock and who not to?

Why is it only here in Nigeria? Africa? Stereotypes et all?

Man, you should leave this country and go see with your eyes what other straight guys do out of this country, and it isn’t considered gay.
I personally think this country limits most persons here mentally in a way.


You just described Bi-sexuals.

Are you or are you not sexually attracted to your friend ?

I think grown men showering together is a umm…well it’s not wrong per se but…it is kind of not advisable given the circumstances. A man’s nudity is his (or his wife or partner’s), not a friend’s.

Whichever way it is, I think everyone has a tolerance level for as far as what is or what isn’t gay so yeah I guess it’s fine.

Noted. I am speaking from appreciable experience as far as relating with people of difference sexual orientation from me is concerned.

Like I said it’s all about personal limit. Although if we must be logical, somethings are just plain gay, I don’t want another guy grinding on me, it defeats the purpose of the grind, and frankly it is disrespectful to the grinding game.


More like Overdue.

Because nobody is a slave, I think you should proceed to rock your parents! If you should not be able to do it, they must be slaves… Hmmm
And when you eventually do it, coin a word for it, tell me so i can go google it because that’s how words are formed bro.

It is not wrong to bathe 2geda with someone who consents to it. It is very ookay to sleep with someone who consents to it. I believe these are acts in the private domain…
At a public domain, I assume you will be prudent enough to know that if the club is in the Netherlands & is a club where the NORM is to rock without limits, bro rock out ur life. Prudence would also demand of you that if they club is in Nigeria & is a club with a rock-without-boundary norm, bro still rock o. But hmmm…


I like this. The original post has said it all (or almost). Meanwhile, i don’t understand the guy rocking guy, no no, i don’t. Two guys dancing together is okay but the word ‘rocking’ is not it at all.
For the part of limited thinking, if our laws say don’t do, then don’t do. Simple! There are European countries that have this same ‘limited thinking’.


In line with natural law, it is assumable that the female human (except those with rare terminal illnesses) will be fuckable by males…i.e “straight”. So if a female is not straight due to some unnatural circumstance, they may be annoyed to the heavens and back. If they are lucky to be in a country where positive laws have evolved to permit that females are fuckable by females, she may take me to court. But in Nigeria she a lesbian cannot take me to court because I assumed she is straight.

And in Nigeria, the laws of the land proscribes implicitly that it is wrong, very wrong for a bro to assume that a bro is fuckable by a bro. Call it double standard or hypocrisy, i will call this one a positive value. You may call it limited thinking, at least the thought is still coming from the head not the ass.

From now, you shall argue with yourself. I am on a digital retreat.


@mira @Judy @Otumininu @Kachie @Kiitan @Monique @chinenye @geezybee @lifeofesse it’s like they want to fight @Drew 's husband.


:joy::joy::joy: Oya @Drew coman defend your husband.

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I no sabi contribute for this kinda delicate matter. Never seen a bisexual, homosexual or whatever it is. Just here for the knowledge.

U pple shud not fight @NaijaLander ooo. Dis one @Drew is doing off for the past 5 days

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Please bro last time. Promise me. Drew - Funsho jokes are officially stale! Stop!

You may proceed :blush:


But the joke is very fresh to me o. When did it start? What is the origin?


I can’t remember. Let’s just forget it ever happened.


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