What should I do if my parents do not approve my career choice?

What would you advice someone to do if his/her parents does not approve their career choice?


Listen to them, they might have a point.

If you strongly believe that your career choice is perfect and will only make sense to them in time then work crazy hard at it until they see the impact.

They will so approve by then.


He said it all.

Work hard, the results will speak for you.


Or you can do it the hardway…
try faking waywardness and they will be begging you to coman carry your career ni…
this way they will approve of your career provided its not the type where you will stand by the road side either selling things at night or collecting at night😂

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So many dreams have been killed due to parents forceful decision on their children’s choice of career… I just pray our parents realize this before it’ll be too late.

Based on experience, I’m lover of Media, I’ve always wanted to study courses on Media but my parents are the ones that want me to study something else.
Yes, I’m studying what they really wanted me to study even though I’m not feeling it… But on a low, I’m still attaching myself to what I really wanted to study(media) and I’m doing fine.

So my advice for you is to talk to them 1st, if they don’t concur with your choice. Then do what they want you to do but make sure you find a way to engage yourself in what you like in sch… Not every professions need school knowledge before you become a professional in it. You can actually learn some professions by reading & making research about it.


Exactly…But if you can’t handle two things at a time, it should be one thing before another

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Well… If you know it makes sense, you really have to prove it to them… Be intentional about all you do so you can get into their good books…

Dear, try and see their point of view. They may be seeing what you are not seeing because many are the eyes that see but few are the eyes that see.

But if you are very sure about your career choice, then try and discuss it with people that can talk to them and change their opinion like their parents, pastor etc.

Friends be my guest at this great event. Its 100% free!

Just pray they don’t die of hypertension :joy::joy: before you finish the game.

I used to think of this sometimes o.
But it’s too costly


:joy::joy::joy::joy: For a man like my dad, sorry o…

He will prove to you he gave birth to you… That course is what you must do… :joy:

lol… its really crazy

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