What that heck happened to zegist?!


Ummmm…hi, Patrick here. I left zegist for a while due to a bad phone…and a series of unfortunate events, but heck, I’m alive, still breathe and things are getting better.

Excuse my rage but WHAT ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH happened here? I’m seeing spam messages and adverts everywhere. No admin control or restrictions, no purpose or goals.

This use to be a great hangout joint. I met great friends here. Our topics were awesome and the laughs were to die for. We’d give each other great advice. This could have been the next Facebook!. I mean, did someone die? This joint has gone cold!.

Please, I need an explanation. We got to get this ship back on course.



That’s what should be expected when there’s no control right?


Control? Heck, there isn’t a vision anymore. Do you know how long and drilling it takes to create a social network? Only just to throw it away. WHAT HAPPENED?! What went wrong?


Well, I think everything went wrong when admins dropped their functions.


Imagine, up till date!
none of them responded to this.


Oh…my…God. till now no response, no explanation, no even a signal that they are alive. Haba?!


Don’t be surprised!


I just don’t understand how we not have so many spammers on this platform!


Hello Patrick,

I just stumbled on this thread. So here is what happened. Nobody died. We got lots and lots of spam lately and we no longer have funds to maintain community managers to keep the forum tidy. Keeping the site up costs us even more money especially without revenue to sustain the platform.

Over the next few months we will decide on how to pivot the platform.

Thank you for understanding.