What type of proposal do you like?

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I saw these picture online and it prompted me to query the essence of public proposals.
I decided to be a little objective and make it a poll instead

What kind of proposal do you prefer? Vote and state your reasons below

  • A Public theatrical proposal e.g at the mall, stadium, church etc
  • A little public proposal with friends and family around to celebrate e.g over the dinner, at a party/reunion
  • Indoor proposal, just the two of us
  • Indifferent, anyone works for me
  • Propose kini? I want to be an eunuch/nun joor

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LOVE -a feeling or a commitment

Women with their fantasies, some of them have high hopes for proposals that you imagine if wedding will be necessary… but if you have the means, why not make her happy for you guys to be happy coz this also counts as a measure of love oh…


@opisthocranium is BACK!


I like the partially public one with family and friends though I have had one of my daydreams where I talked to the owners of the cinema to pause a movie and add a short video clip of me and my fiance…:heart_eyes:

Stories that touch…:sweat_smile:

@judy and @TeeAde and my dear @oluwakemisola what do you think?


Oh well…I’m a bit of a private and very romantic person… So I take d private proposal where I’m eating dinner with my boo and he just pops the question. This gives room for me to bring out my crazy side (I could say eeeerm NO or let me think about this to be really sure just to see how resilient he is :expressionless:). But the one with family and friends around is also cute and romantic. Spontaneity and craziness sha but never the public proposal,I’ll just do something crazy and walk away :grinning:


I’m sure you all know I’m going with the last option…being a @Pope

Dear @Michael, @Adewumi_Oni & @Akin_Ogundele, what’s your own take?

Somebody will call @enigma, @Scinivie & @Roger here now, they will “come and go” and change the topic with their grammar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think I love @judy’s own. I do like it private, I’m too shy for the public one. What if I go and stammer or choke it will be a standing joke for years.


I know the world has changed and many of our ladies want romantic proposals, but personally while not discounting the value in making your proposal romantic, I am more interested in what I and my partner are bringing into the relationship and how we can make it work. Romantic proposals or weddings don’t sustain Marriages, neither do unromantic proposals. My point is, for me, I have left that stage a while back but will advise intending ones not to be carried away with romantic proposals.

Thank you


Anyone works for me


all this things you people are saying is stress o!!! after everything she might still say no… just give her BELLE, that is the best proposal ever, easy and guaranteed… let me see where the NO will come from lmao :sweat_smile: @evansakanno @Judy @Oluwarufus @ada @Bimz @Yeye @Michael


i see uuuuuu @Kanu_Derek



I’ll go for the little public proposal with friends and family.


@ada anyone? Haba! :no_mouth: You just reminded me of one miss Nigeria @a world pageant, she was asked what type of bread she likes, she answered “Any Bread” :grinning:


Lol,yeso,anyone, be it public, little public or just the two of us,I’m fyn with it. The only problem with it being just the two of us is that I have to make numerous calls to inform people about the good news. Then convincing them that it happened sef might not be so easy. At least let there be one witness.


Why do you need to convince them?


At least one witness to what? Nah Marriage?

What’s the essence of the ring?


Not my close family per say,Maybe distant relatives,like the ‘are u serious?’,‘how did it happen’,‘are u for real’ questions and all that@evansakanno


And to what point?

Question: How did it happen?
Answer: Na so we see am

@Ada, your reason is the same reason why people spend millions on weddings to impress “strangers”. I think when we start living our life for ourselves only & not minding what that distant person (that may not really care) will say, we’ll live & lead a richer, wealthier and more peaceful life than we can imagine.


But shey u will still b on one knee with ring in ur hand, whoo it dosent matter if u stammer or stutter that’s the cuteness in it biko