What type of proposal do you like?

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:joy::joy: This is just wicked


No it’s not. I just wanna see if he’s sure of my love or his love for me and not just a spur of the moment. So I have to be extra sure he wants to spend d rest of his life with a loco like me :joy:


And you end up giving him a heart attack :grin:


He has to be strong





I tell you…


Abi… @Judy what if he collapses at the spot??? High Bp…

That your NO is a shocker o… :joy::joy:



@Oluwarufus You need prayers… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I love a private proposal jare…

Just me and you in a beautiful and serene environment… So cute!!!

I can be dramatic with lovely news like that… :joy::joy::joy:I don’t everyone seeing my drama like that…

I don’t like the crowd thing because if it’s a surprise proposal, I could just fall off at the spot…:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:and would want to kiss you after… Imagine if my popsy dey there, how I wan explain the kiss​:joy::joy::joy::joy:I’m actually a very shy person…


@fola How was yours??

@Aniekan @yeye @Duchessbee @Kiitan


Private. Just two of us.
And I have noticed that some guys don’t even bother with the bending down on one knee kinda proposal. Once they don dey date the babe, after a while they meet the family, the guy becomes familiar with them, gets comfortable, the next step na to ask the babe when he fit bring his family for intromimo. No long thing. Not everyone gets the official proposal.


Please I want a public proposal…If you want to bring all my friends and family and yours. That’s fine.

My whole street and hostel members, colleagues, church members, ex boyfriends…wonderful!!


I believe before the official proposal…you already must have mentioned starting a family together because we must agree on certain things/beliefs before I say yes o.
So I already know we are getting married soon (My God will not allow me to meet any #WasterHerTime guy).

So I believe the official proposal is just to let the world know that I’m taken…by you. lol…so please private for what na??

I would however appreciate if my dad is in attendance so at least I’m sure he agrees to it. Because I won’t want to go through trying to convince my dad about any man.


But he should have met your parent and some family members before proposing na,

:joy::joy::joy::joy: na national stadium una go use o :joy::joy::joy::joy:



I bet alot of girls know this but yet they still cry and scream…

Are they fooling us or they were actually suprised. .?:joy::joy:


National Stadium should be small… :joy::joy::joy:


Seriously…i’ve seen cases like this alot…

I won’t agree o… For what???

Biko… Mbanu!!!


Some people actually get engaged before telling their fathers.
Mothers and siblings may have known he was boyfriend tho.

Especially if they don’t stay in the same location with their parents


Him talking marriage with you doesn’t mean he’s seriously gonna do it.

And you don’t know when.
Is it 10years later?

Lol…so i think the surprise is usually that he FINALLY popped the question. No more time wasting…lol



Oh now I can relate… Ok


I would love a private proposal lol public surprise proposal love that will not continue again. If he does public surprise proposal, lol he should be ready to continue with what he started o