What type of proposal do you like?

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@pretyprexy see your people (Ini-abasi Inyangs comment)
Which type of lazy proposal is this one



Very lazy proposal… Haba!!! If it’s me, for trying to pull this stunt on me, you must kneel…


What you think about this?


Lol… Wawu… See how it turned out??

It’s not the way he proposed, it’s the babe that did not accept in spirit and soul…

I’ll gladly do this to any guy who I do not have any business with in the first place… I go slap am join sef…

On the other hand, I’m sure the dude I’ll marry won’t be so dumb to know when we’re fit for this stage…

I hope I have not said too much… :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


What I think is that the babe’s shakara is plenty.
She just no even make the proposal look romantic sef. Wetin happen? Even if na to say “oh baby! This is beauriful” Bring your finger let him put the ring and unto the next one. Living happily ever after+Makingbabies.com. No long thing.


Is that your website?


Hehehehehehehe. Rufus you are high o. :see_no_evil: Yes now, didn’t we start the website together?


I feel she had more than 1 boyfriend and wasn’t exactly expecting a proposal so soon.

So she had to accurately calculate and decide if this was gonna be husbae


I don’t think so. For me I don’t like dat kain proposal. I’m a very shy person


It’s obvious she’s one of those that doesn’t like public proposal, she was too shy to say yes or even stretch her hand to take the :ring:Ring. This is the reason men need to understand their babes and her preferences before pulling stunts like this.




My love it’s not a case of whether she doesn’t like public proposal or not,

She doesn’t want to accept the dude…

Do we think it’s easy for the guys to pull public stunts sef, yet we go dey do shakara…


@Mira and @Otumininu, have you seen this post?


Yes darling. Thanks for redirecting me to this thread.

I don’t like the whole Nations kinda proposal… I will just faint. I hate public proposal with a lot of persons I’m not familiar with around there.

The one with family and friends is better. Or it could just be a We we something. But no, not stadium or any other drama worse than that.
It’s very romantic, but at that moment, the proposal can just make me dumbfounded and everyone may think I’m not excited.

And biko, I won’t and I can’t be a nun. :rofl::rofl:


I’m just seeing it! Anyone works for me. But if it will be in public, I will prefer to have familiar faces around and not strangers. Mine was indoor and beautiful; I loved it


Seeing this thread reminds of how my brother proposed to his girlfriend turned wife.
He called her and told her to marry him and said he would send the ring to her.

I could not laugh when I heard this, I was just like :woman_facepalming:

For me I like them both public and private, whatever/ however he chooses, is fine by me.

What I really care about is our lives after proposal and wedding.


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :smile:
Guy is not all about too much drama jare.


Awwn :blush:


Right! Just something small and intimate :grin: