What type of proposal do you like?

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Private please. Just him and me without being the center of attraction. The wedding will be a public something so the public can wait for that. He mustn’t kneel. I don’t even want him to. Stand or sit and propose, that’s fine. I’m indifferent about getting an engagement ring.


See his face and mouth like marry me :roll_eyes:

I will slap him back and walk out. That’s the end of whatsoever ship we were in.

Nonsense and slapping proposal.


I’ll do mine in a pool. Preferably at night with the lights, the music and the :ring::ring:


Lol… Okay. Please invite me when it’s time for the engagement. Thank you.


Usually, I like ‘crazy’. I like any thing that gives me any opportunity to amaze and surprise…and give people that “this guy is crazy to have thought of doing something like this”.

This may want to make me think of blowing her mind.

But then, I really have a thing against ladies who act surprised that a guy proposed to them.

So if I can guarantee my drama will amaze her, and not the proposal… I could decide to record an album just to propose to her.

Otherwise, anyone works for me.


Private. Thoughtful. Romantic. Just the 2 of us.




When is the hangout