What Were You Afraid of as a Child?


Growing up, we might have had one or more fears. Such that when we think about it now, they crack us up.

As a child, I was scared of airplanes, yes you read that right. :see_no_evil:
Back then, whenever I hear the ‘roaring’ sound of a plane, I’d run to my mum and bury my face in her laps.
So, there was this particular day I was outside, then a breeze blew suddenly and I saw an object flying over my head, I screammmmmeeed and shouted for my mum.
She ran out, only to see it was a black nylon :joy:

Till today, my folks still taunt me about it :expressionless:

Share your own hilarious fears as a child.:point_down:


lol… black nylon


Virtually anything flying in the sky.

Makes me feel like I’m gonna be carried away by it. :see_no_evil:


I was scared of darkness especially at night. Hanging clothes or objects in the room always looked like someone to me. I would usually sleep with the lights on or better still with my parents.


Just look at you :joy::joy::joy:


Mine was and still is cockroach! Then rat and chicken :weary: I still run away from them


I was and am still scared of losing my mother. I have watched her in so much pain that I shudder whenever the thought crosses my mind.


She will live long :heart:️Always pray for her


I used to be scared of the darkness.
Even till now, a bit. Especially when I’m home alone.


Laugh at me well o.
I’m no longer scared :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ojuju is coming to carry you :joy::joy:


Chicken, seriously? :roll_eyes:
Yet you eat them without pity o.

I hate roaches too, I can vacate my room and let them occupy it.


Evil chyd. It’s daytime, ojuju only moves at Night :joy:


Hello @Nanciee, sorry I had to delete the thread you created on childhood because it’s same with this thread.

Feel free to share your childhood trauma here. Much love :heart_eyes:


You will see it at night ni… Shey you are scared of darkness. Ntoorr


I’ll go sleep in @Iche_Dee’s room. Okbye


I used to be scared of darkness… Used to be o.

Especially when I just hear that someone died, please don’t send me to go and bring something alone at night :joy::joy:

That was then shaa, I’m not scared of darkness at all. Because I noticed that being scared of darkness and imagining seeing objects/clothes as spirits at night is nothing but our imagination. There’s nothing like ojuju… Mopelola,fear fear girl :joy::joy::joy:

Ermmm, as for chicken and other animals, I’m not really scared of them, I just respect myself and avoid them :rofl::rofl::rofl:

As for cockroach, I must kill it. I’m not scared of it.


Ya now forming big tough girl.

SMH. It’s harmless cockroaches you kill, you can’t kill chicken. Cover your face.


Yels yels :grinning:

That’s what abattoir is meant for ni… I can’t be doing another man’s job for them.

I can’t hold a fowl


Because they are sweet :joy::joy::joy: