What Were You Afraid of as a Child?


This is what happens when u try to convince yourself that u are not afraid of something :joy: Mira, u are scared of them :no_good_woman:t4:‍♀️


I wonder o :joy: I’m not wicked; I have to allow the professionals do their work so they can get paid for it


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I don’t know what you are talking about, please.


Onions… I detested it beyond measure.


Were you afraid of onions or you hated it?

There’s a difference o


There is a saying, “You hate what you fear, and fear what you hate.” If a masquerade is passing by & you’re the kind that fears it, you’d automatically hate it; and if you hate a bully or a more successful colleague, that is so because you’re afraid of their strength or success, in one way or another there is fear in the picture. Fear is relative, but with respect to what I think you mean about fear, I hated onions so much that my heart beat falters when I see it.


:frowning::frowning: meaning you don’t eat it?


I didn’t eat it till I turned 22 :joy:


well, I know some persons who hate onions till now. it’s a big turn off to them when it comes to what they eat. Once they just see the onion in food, they won’t bother eating it.


I used to be afraid of sleeping in the dark. I always slept with the lights on till I was 16.
Ghost stories just made me scared, especially if I hear of someone’s passing away though I have never attended a burial till date.

I hate cockroaches with a passion. They almost made me mad, especially the flying roaches. That’s how one flew inside my clothe I had to start pulling off everything, screaming and running around. I still hate cockroaches, I have goosebumps when I know a roach is around. Even before seeing the cockroach.
Rats too. They have this annoying smell ehn.

I also used to be afraid of any flying insect, even till now.

Used to be scared of blood. Any small wound like this I’ll start screaming thinking it’s deep. Used to be scared of breaking a bone or having any major injury, that’s why I never played rough as a child or even participated in sports. I wish I did, I would have been good at javelin or basketball. I’ll ensure that my children participate in varietied of sports till they decide which one they enjoy best as a way of consoling myself.


I guess an angel touched me in the university, I just started liking it so much that I ask the suya seller to add more onions(that means I didn’t just start to eat the cooked ones) :grinning:.


Could it be because it makes one cry sometimes?




Not at all @Judy, I just couldn’t swallow it, if it gets in my mouth by mistake I tend to feel nausea, can’t tell what just changed to make me not get sick :face_with_thermometer: at it.


Oh that reminds me I used to be afraid of yam…never liked it. And then beans, the myth about someone growing really tall if one eats beans. Upon all the avoidance, I still tall sef.
Now I’m making up for it with ewa agoyin. That reminds me, I haven’t eaten beans in 2 weeks now :disappointed_relieved:


Makes the two of us. Never attended a burial ceremony.


Aswear. They’re difficult to kill.
I can’t bring myself to kill most insects, yuck I prefer to use insecticide…but when I don’t have a choice, I use broom and close my eyes after it’s done.


Baddest :joy:
My big bro still detests seeing it in his meals. He prefers it when it’s smoothly blended.


Ohh that’s fine