What you can do to help Zegist


So I spoke with a friend I’d asked to join Zegist recently. She said she signed up and checked the forum out. She realized it did not have much content so she just left.

I wanted to make a comment about this attitude with users. The rule is simple, if there is no content, create it. You owe the creators of the platform that.

I’ll explain in the next reply. Kindly pay attention :slightly_smiling_face:


Think of the Internet (Cyberspace) as a virtual world. Websites are the lands, so when you buy a domain name and hosting, you have leased a piece of land. What to do with that land is entirely up to you.


I call Zegist an upgraded Nairaland. The creators have managed to Nairalands issues (well some) with a simple touch of ingenuity.

Nairaland’s anonymity allows for people to talk trash and get away with it. On Zegist, you can talk trash but you will be held accountable.


Anyway back to my point.

Content (news, gossip, videos, images, etc) is what drives the internet. What Zegist actually needs to grow is content. Some of us here are already bloggers, others aspiring.

Zegist has provided an awesome, well moderated platform for exactly that. A forum grows as a community. No one can force you to use the platform. You sorta grow into it. And the only way to grow into it is to commit some of your brain power to it.


If you feel there is too much relationship stuff, create non-relationship stuff. What we post is a tiny reflection of what we are interested.

No shade intended.


So I’m urging and challenging all users to make an effort to post at least 1 thread from any topic of your choice, once a week. Make use of the platform, go anonymous if you have to. Be respectful and relaxed, there’s are reasons why we have rules.

Post something you wanna talk about, share threads on your other social media pages.


C R U D(?)




Delete – Hopeully for he right reasons :smile:

That’s the basic rule here. You’ll enjoy it trust me.


Thanks for reading.


:clap: :ok_hand:


Thank you so much @NaijaLander . I really really appreciate the way you put this.

In my course of trying to promote zegist I have had to be @igbokwenu and @evansakanno. This was before we had the anonymous feature but still have to use the handle to talk like the igbo part of me.

We have a brilliant platform. I am ready to grow it. I have had to invite all my friends from @Monique to @Gfather @Tejflow @Ennmae @Aniekan and more.

Thank you for you @Mira and @Udy_Inyang who have been consistent with creating new stories.



wow dude I could not have guessed that.

What if @evansakanno isn’t actually Evans Akanno




wakes up

faints again

Seriously?!! :unamused:

You are indeed the true son of your father… Nwanne, i bu Agu.


See ehn i had to go read that ur letter to your future wife again.
Importer and exporter of romantic affairs. Wehdon!


For those that are confused on how to make a good content, you could check this out. I hope it helps.

@NaijaLander, thanks for creating this thread to address this.


Ekele diri gi nwanne! Anam ekele


If you look in between the lines it was just me. Talking about the startup stress, there was the gospel part which came out when I quoted the bible, then the quirky romantic side too.


A man of many talents.


Yea…I see it now. That was a funny letter :joy::joy::joy: Loveena :joy::joy::joy:


Dope as always @NaijaLander


thanks baba