What you can do to help Zegist


This is really a good one @Funsho… Thanks for always rooting for zegist!!!


Thanks @NaijaLander for the call to action…

So I’ve been thinking on ways I can contribute to Zegist, and this are the areas I can say I am quite good at:

Apart from being a writer, I am also a Chef, which means I can write about food, I am a badass fashion designer, so I can write on fashion, I am a serial Entrepreneur with over 4 businesses and actually do a lot of business writing and seminars, I also do couple of writing on natural healthy tips to take care of your hair, face, nails and skin, and I’m an NLP practitioner and counselor and write/speak on relationship, sex and marriage.

So I can write on any of these at least couple of times a week. I can do food and natural health tips on weekends.



We await your articles.


bows :clap::clap:

I patiently await your articles :grin:


You are the one we’ve been waiting for… Can’t wait to learn about fooooood… :dancer::dancer::dancer:

@ganoris @judy someone is finally giving us a voice… Team foodies!!! :muscle:


I’m a budding travel enthusiast… Will drop in once in a while to share tips, reviews, recommend local travel destinations, visa tips etc



We await your contributions here.



I Pretty Prexy needs this… I’ve got travelling to a new place on my bucket list for 2018 and I could help with the tips and reviews…
I wish to do travel reviews sef from 2018 …:disappointed_relieved:


I’m interested in this one.


I knew you were going to breathe life, maybe it was the name or the DP but arggh, I’m thinking of a road trip. I do want to plan one. Jeez!! But wait o, what if we do a Zegist road trip?


Yes to the road trip…


Like really i have thought about this o…


I just realised we were featured as one of the very engaging lifestyle communities online. :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:



I loved your delivery on Mondays’s article and I look forward to reading more from you.