What's On Your Christmas Wish List?

Hello, do you have any particular book in mind?

Then, Do you stay in Lagos?

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Me too I want!!!

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@Tuhmehskeh Someone is about to grant you your wish… Where art thou?

Yes, will be in Lagos this Xmas…

Not really

:santa::santa:… Yeaaaaaa :blush::blush:

Guys wishes are being granted here o! Click to make your wish below N3000 and watch someone grant it… :slightly_smiling_face:


My Own Macbook 2016 is fine tbh.
Canon Dslr and accessories.

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  1. A cute red/black Tote bag
  2. Victoria’s secret body splash.
  3. 6yards of Ankara so I can make a lovely dress with it.
  4. I saw one cute sun shades at Ikeja but I didn’t have enough money to buy it :confused::worried:
  5. A nice wig so I can slay this Christmas :grin::blush:
  6. TD Jake’s new book titled Soar.

Biko lemme stop here before the list go enter 10.


Hmmm… I’d love a cregital T-shirt or hoodie. Location: Lagos


Arrrgh! Na wa o! Lol

Warapin? U want to help out with one of them?

Errrrrr, I’ll pray you get 'em all. You’re welcome!

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An inspiring book and a wristwatch…

Send me a DM whenever you arrive Lagos

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Okay. By nextweek

Pls I want electric cooker/hot plate
Mine has gone bad

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Really really wish i could help…

I want a good phone this Christmas :santa:

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Me too… :raised_hands:t6:

me too

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