What's on your mind right now?


I need a naked massage from Vera’s mom :grin:


@Otumininu and @Mopelola_Ariyo, since we’re the only females online, come let’s gist.


About massages? :yum:


Is that your specialty? Good!

Please I need a massage! I hope your bae won’t mind if I borrow you for the massage.

Don’t worry, it won’t be a naked massage. I won’t be the one that will make a brother cheat on a bae, I promise.



I’m here baby. My back aches… Did someone just mention massage? :tired_face:


Yes!!! @Kachie, I’m sure you would also need a massage tonight.


So who’ll be giving us free massages biko?


Just marry ASAP and every other thing shall be added unto you :joy:

We will be glad to eat the wedding rice soon.


Your boo @lifeofesse. I think he has a PHD in massaging.


Oya lay down and spread. Lemme get my anointing oil


Lol… Where I dey spread dey go?

I’m already lying down o. Start, abeg.


Ojuo Charly




You gotta spread nah so the oil go spread too


I have gone to 8 ATMs none dey pay. Someone should come up with another idea of getting quick cash joor


You can ask someone for cash and do a transfer to them. Look face well and just try to be nice to the people you ask, if you’re not with anyone familiar.


For this country? Hmmm. They will tag you as corporate beggar. Even before you approach them…they know you are coming (that would be me).:joy: tin is .
Its late. I want ice cream for the night. Ice Cream Factory POS ain’t working.


@Mira haf sleep after several strokes of my massage techniques :relieved:


Lol. This time around, I think I’d go for your tender palms @Mira