What's on your mind right now?


Ifemi with the juice :watermelon: @Mopelola_Ariyo o ti sun nii. Abi je ki wa fu e hot hot!!!


I’m still up o.
Trying to make my back pain go away by lying down on the bare floor.


I did this today!

I ran out of cash in the market… Things are now damn expensive.

The man that sells yam doesn’t even have an account number and I was like what??? I paid him and then I didn’t even have transport money to go home. I went back to the guy I usually buy vegetables from and asked for his account number. Then network!!! :sob::sob:

I practically slept in the market today because of that stupid network ish. Alas, the money was transferred and I got enough cash to take me home ten times. Being stranded is not good. Thank God for Mobile banking.


My pleasure baby, my pleasure.

They are very tender. I’m sure you won’t regret a massage from my soft palm.

Oya, just like @lifeofesse would say, spread yourself like bread let me come and apply blueband




This your description no be here :joy:


Coming straight from the badass massager, my humble self. :wink:


Somebody I hung out with quite a number of times in December died yesterday.
I’m so shook! My stomach has just been twisting :nauseated_face:

What’s on my mind right now? There’s not much guarantee that the person or people you see today will be alive tomorrow. Cherish your friends; cherish relationships.


I am so sorry for your pain honey.
It will alright.




Sorry for the loss dear.


Thanks dear :heart:


Sorry dear! May your friend’s soul Rest In Peace


This advice is gold!!!


Back pain is frustrating.
When danfo is your major means of transportation, their uncomfortable seats only make it worse.


Very important. A lot of persons are yet to know this. Feels like a punishment for them to locate the dial on their phone to call a friend or send a text.


Very frustrating.




Awww. So sorry or your loss dear


No, I’m not.