What's on your mind right now?


That’s living a life of pretense…they should just choose a struggle, olosho or good girl. No one will kill them.

But wait oh! One night stand…sharwama…olosho…konji…:thinking:
Is anyone thinking what I’m thinking? Is this a sign?


@judy what’s on your mind right now?


I’m just here wondering how under rated Johnny drille is and hoping he finally gets the recognition he deserves.
Dont judge me pls :grinning: I’m like his biggest fan


Smh… Nobody mentioned konji. Stay there and be doing 2kobo detective :joy:


Nepa on my mind, I ain’t sleepy one bit, and some TV would work, even if it’s Africa Magic :unamused:. I don’t know how to be the evil neighbor that turns on generator by this ungodly hour. :joy:


He’s an amazing singer and performer


Like… i shed a tear watching him perform today…
We don’t even deserve the guy tbh


Lekki is just far from I am, Woulda attended the show. I actually think his live performances are more immersive than anything you’ll get over mixed record


Same here!!

Even if I’m not doing anything with light, just staring at the ceiling when there’s light makes me happy. :smile:


Little appreciation of such kind of music made xcetera leave Nigeria for Europe,he was really good. I was in awe of Johnny Drille when he performed @BBnaija show in South Africa not so long ago.


Ohhh i love Xcetera!!! He sang michelle.

Need to find that song. It was my jam that year


A lot on my mind…I heard a news yesterday that has been bothering me, but I’m putting it all in God’s hands.


Perhaps this might help. You are not alone.
If sadness persists by noon, lets talk.


Thanks Evans :blush::blush:


Na the work wey we dey do. Is it your two kobo?


I need a small gentleman car.


Do you mean Kia Rio? :joy:


Does anyone have Etcetera’s song Michelle?

Please upload here… Been searching since


Going out to scream on the kids that has been disturbing my sleep. I can’t take it again