What's on your mind right now?


Wow!!! Thanks!!!


Heading to a meeting and i am in this Taxify, i suspect I will smell funny when i get there cos this ride smells like Izal. I cant wind down cos I need the A/C. :frowning:


Lol… Ndo. You won’t smell Izal Izal


:joy::joy::joy::joy: sorry oh


:joy: :joy: sorry o…


Biko leave the kids alone o


:joy::joy::joy: just know that when people start greeting u ‘hi sir. Hi sir’, they are not really greeting u! They are referring to the izal smell :rofl::rofl:


Leave it all to him and enjoy the peace…
#E-hugs :yellow_heart:


Thanks Zoe. :heart:


that can work. :smirk:


I actually did


This is where I am but the only thing missing right now is company… She on my mind…


A lot times I try to imagine what life would be like if my dad was alive. Def much better.


"feeling blessed"
It’s a huge blessing to have great family support.


Hey dear! May God continue to keep you and your family! You’ll be fine!


Hey sweetheart, you will be fine. Keep manifesting excellence.


@Kachie, I’m officially telling you that I owe you plenty plenty plenty hugs for completing tonight’s task :heart_eyes:

As for the water/cold drink, we will decide when we meet. If you like keep hiding o :joy:


You’ll be fine Maami. God has got you! And he will continue to be there for you.


Oh Lord, deliver me from Mira biko :joy::joy::joy:


Where’s this please? So beautiful