What's on your mind right now?


U will be fine dear :heart:


Sending you warm hugs dear. You’ll be fine.


Thanks a lot ladies :blush: @Kachie @mira @Judy @Angie and @Otumininu :heart::heart::heart:


Zegist Fam, who would like to spend time at the beach today?


Mehn I don’t mind o but what time?


So I’m in church today and they are talking about doctrine.
Moderator: worldliness includes going to cinema houses, drinking alcohol, having boyfriend/girlfriend. People are murmuring. :smiley::joy::joy:
Where are we going with religion in Nigeria?


Lmao… I know myself too well. I’ll just get up and leave the place. Wait, is it a Redeem church, CAC or The Apostolic?


Redeem! I’m shook. I might just change church again biko, i don’t need these kind of yarns


Lol… I think there are too many unseasoned person given leadership roles in our religious institutions. My brother allow God lead you before making a decision on what church to attend because whatever one constantly allow into their mind will make or mar them o.


I know o brother, I’m just tired i swear :grin:


Now they are talking about beards and keeping hair. I’m out :v:


Lol… Are you a worker?


Me worker? Nah. I don’t abide by rules that much, working in church would confine me into that space. I’m a church goer and a believer. That’s all :blush:


Timing and distance for me.


Lol… Ok sir

@Angie Oh ok… Where are you based?




I would love to go oh but as I dey here so shingbain I no get :joy::joy::joy: weekend don carry money go.


So I just finished listening to a preaching that just speaks to what most of us are experiencing presently. My spirit is lifted.

These are the kinds of preachings I love to listen to and not that one that they preached in @W.O’s church today :joy::joy:


See ehn, o su mi. :persevere:


It’s these kinds of preachings that pushes one farther away from God if one is not grounded.