What's on your mind right now?


The money long pass River Nile. :smile:

I claim it too, amen.

You are right dear, it’s just a superstition and what you believe, you will receive.


I’ve never heard this before but it’s definitely superstitious.





lol …asking in advance


I don’t know why nepa will choose to be unfortunate :weary: they knew I was sewing and they ceased the light!!! Which kain bad belle be this :sob:


I came to Aba on Wednesday. They only brought light that day and since then, no light. If I travel now, they will bring light. Nonsense Nepa.

Nobody should tell me I’m the light of the world that’s why Nepa decided to chill :cry:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: light of the world :raised_hands:t4:


Responsibilities Mira, responsibilities :disappointed_relieved:




Lol… I know.

Oya stop crying :wink:


What is it with NEPA and always taking the light when it rains? It’s been happening since I was a child and it’s still happening. Smh


We have light :dancer::dancer: should I send you some?


Please just go :roll_eyes:


Sorry na


lol… I think i know whats wrong.


Where is @pretyprexy and @fola, its been days and i have not seen them online, is everything alright with them?


Just read that Avicii is dead, man’s just 28. I’m shocked. Ile je eyan, ka sha ma se dada :cry::sweat:


@geezybee come n eat Afang soup


Duro! Which Avicii? The Hey brother dude? Nooo :sob::sob::sob: He really served us super nice electro songs


Yes o! I swear I’m hurt. Died this afternoon :anguished: