What's on your mind right now?


Now I look like simbi, do you want to see? @W.O @lifeofesse @Valkyr


You already know the answer to this, Yes!!


YASSSS!!! you should wearing those earrings to match.


As in eeh…u cant imagine. This man took an 11th hour job and kept me working on the job over the weekends to be ready by today. m so on him mehn.


Easy jeje :joy::joy:


Esse, I need to learn one or two from you.


All these relationship people at shoprite is making my chest do jigijigi!!


Come and see @W.O @Valkyr @lifeofesse :grin:


Nne, I hope @theunofficialomotayo has paid his hair salary oo


Gawd… Are those Dimples i am sighting :heart_eyes:. You are stunning. Hair looks great. Hope they are not too tight oo. Close Up will endorse you this year… :smile: The yoruba lingua in the background tho. :crazy_face:


I’m Available.


Dont mind them. that was how one was kissing n hugging at the cold drinks section… :roll_eyes:


Those earrings :no_good_woman:


I want to make my hair with rubber thread… I need good hairstyles, please.

Nobody should suggest mgbeke hairstyle for me o


@theunofficialomotayo come and answer


Yes :blush:

Thanks :wink:

No it’s not

I’m waiting for them o



This is called Shuku Shaker. Thank Me Later


Haha. You look great. Wish I could achieve this with my hair only.
Wanted to stop the “distraction” in the other post.
So no, you don’t look mean in real life…at least not to me😂


:kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: come let my stylist do it for you?

The puppy see o @debpoppy


hAhhhhha. Are you minding @Angie She does not understand ‘mean’ o She is a sweet girl