What's on your mind right now?


Trust Mira, she won’t forget. And your daddy too.


E good


The question of “what next do I eat?” is one of the most traumatic questions to ask…


Thank you sweet.


Hello @NaijaLander, welcome back. Your presence was missed. Hope you brought bread? @Kachie and I want to eat


Thank you @Mira. It is good to be back.

What did I miss?


Nothing you can’t catch up with :wink:


So, I’ve been following this page on instagram and they don’t stop amazing me with their wonderful work of art in form of cakebags. Oh yes, this is not a cake, rather it’s a bag.


Bag? Unbelievable :flushed:


My dear, you can check them out on instagram. I was like Wow!


I’ve checked o! I’m shook :flushed: there’s even a plate of fries and chicken :ok_woman:t4:‍♀️. I was salivating so I closed the page :joy:


Lol… My dear, I didn’t want to upload that one before our foodies here will finish me


Whaaaat?!! Is this edible bag?


Edible bag :joy::joy::joy:




Can i eat the bag?


If you can, please do!


Too good to be true but the second picture made me believe, the strawberries :grin::joy:


Ibadan people :woman_facepalming:


Why do me bad? I don edit am. Just go please :joy::joy::joy: