What's on your mind right now?


Bhet why?




Plix what is konji? :thinking:


Your body is doing you gbish gbish and you want man.

What is gbish gbish- ya wet and your body is totoring you and you want man


How will u know what konji is :rofl::joy::joy:


Kai! So ur plan is to disflower my eyes abi? God pass you o


I see… Anyway I’ve checked and nothing is wrong with my body.


For where I wan take know? :woman_facepalming:t5:


Why is this place quiet?


Trying to figure out dinner. @Monique said i should start cooking to save money


Been standing in this Kitchen for over 15mins wondering what to make. Even pancake mix is seeming too complex.

Abi i should fry yam? No no no, too much work.


@Monique speaks the truth.

Lmao. That’s actually a very fast and good option.


One hour has gone by… Still thinking


If you have tuna, you can fry some eggs with Maggi.

3 eggs

Crush the tuna (sardine) in the egg

Add some Maggie, one as in half the maggi should do, a few pinches of salt if your into salt.

Heat some oil and fry away.

Goes well with bread or boiled Yam.


Funsho da cook…er!


Easiest meal to make. It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare. About an hour if its with Yam.


Not necessarily.
Cut your yam into smaller, less thick slices…cuts cooking time by about 50%.


Pancake is coming together already


Not when that “backup plan” is Benin republic.


Did you use pancake mix in packs or regular flour?
If it’s the mix, you are in for a real treat or better, you had a real treat… that’s if you cooked it well. :yum: