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Gambino’s Music video is tearing my defenses apart, and it’s so annoying our music producers mostly see the swaying of hips and booties, drinks and drugs as the best way to shoot music videos… As if we even have lyricists with worthy competence… :sob::sob::sob: Nigeria Music industry is…:sob::sob::sob:


Uneventful so far.


I saw his video earlier today and it blew my mind… Storyline and lyrics are so on point!


The alcohol stopped the pain


Make it eventful


will do.




I tell you it’s good! Especially when eaten with honey, that’s if you didn’t already add sugar to the mix.


Just go to shoprite or supermarket and get it, you could ask the attendant for assistance with pancake mix.
I cannot recall any brand now.

Give us the gist when you eventually make it.


Lol. I’ll.


This is a sign that you need to take cooking lessons fast @evansakanno :grinning::grinning: YouTube or your brother @Monique can help with that.
I am available for tasting oh! Don’t worry, I won’t scold you or spoil my face if the food turns out bad :joy::joy:


You could go to The Gambia or Ivory coast. I hear they are beautiful countries, though small but peaceful and serene.


I’m thinking of how we take for granted physical abilities.
Walking, dancing, jumping, jogging, running, squatting, sitting and even lying down… without pain…

Health is indeed Wealth…sigh…


I’ve been wondering if Adam kissed Eve…

If not, who started the “You may kiss your bride” act


Originally, it was assumed that the bride and groom had not kissed before the wedding so this would traditionally be their first kiss, and in Roman times kissing was a legal bond that sealed all contracts. However, though many ceremonies do include this line, the kiss is not traditionally a part of the religious ceremony.



I see, thanks!


Current situation




Is there a repeat edition or an online Link?


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