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How I would so love a massage, home made parfait, someone to sing to me and just rub my head.


:rage::rage: Why are (political) leaders in Nigeria so corrupt? The level of corruption (in politics) in Nigeria is super disheartening. Why?? Just heard this morning that the minimum a governor gets as security vote in Nigeria is N300 million per month; THREE HUNDRED MILLION NAIRA PER MONTH. You see, Nigeria politicians have a special mansion reserved in hell, next to satan’s master bedroom.
And it is not like there is good security in the states. Mehn, I have just a face-level knowledge of the corrupt (political) practices in Nigeria and I’m amazed, what if we know the details, we might just all drop dead.
P.S: I am (hopefully) seeking elective office in 2022…Enough of this nonsense these guys are doing


Call me :grin:


So guess what, I got mail that I failed my KPMG aptitude test and my phone spoils the next day (I still don’t know how to go about this). My God pass all of una! :joy::joy:


I know you wan cry.


Well, since tears can’t solve any of my problems, I might as well keep them rolled in.


I’m wondering why making female friends is hard for me. I need me a girl friend to hang out with n do girl stuff with. I’m tired of hanging out with guys mostly. I Ned some girl power in my life Like, im I the only girl going through this?


You’re not. We are on the same table.


Your own case in different


Many of us go through this.
I made my first real female friends about 2 years ago.

And I can say that there’s nothing as awesome as sisterhood.

Mine is a mixture of married and singles.
So don’t limit yourself.

Maybe change your cycle.??

I used to think that it was me, I now know that it wasn’t.
I didn’t change anything about me, and I finally found ladies I could connect with.

Circumstances of where I was made me make the first move for some, while some others gravitated towards me.


Enlighten me please, didn’t know mine was different


Oya o. Come and throw more light. @W.O :joy::joy::joy:


I’d come back when body don strong


Who’s attending?


Hey babe, tis gonna be alright. We are built by the storm we weather!


Watching horror movies isn’t just my thing… It’s either I scream when something bad is about to happen or I hide my face… Now, my chest is doing me somehow :roll_eyes:


:joy::joy: then don’t watch it na! I love horror movies though


Money on mind… Miracle in my bank! I need another source of income ooo​:sob::sob::sob::sob:


I am loving the Disha bottle Mann. I need one in my life.


I watched it and even had to re-watch it this morning :joy::joy: