What's on your mind right now?


Foooood… On my mind. Also thinking about how I should be sleeping now, but I’m not.


Thinking about how blessed I am, to have a sweet soul in my life, she’s more than a friend…
My goto anytime I’m sad, worried or afraid. I feel better each time I share my thoughts with her.

We all deserve a friend like this in our lives.:v:


Don’t loose her!!!


Hey Tolu, been a while. Where have you been?


Heyy @Mira , School’s been keeping me occupied I guess.


I am wondering why I see “there are 228 unread messages and 3 new topics” when I scroll down, then I open a topic with say 10 comments and the message is “there are 227 unread messages”

Does it mean I literally have to go through 227 topics?


‘Unread messages’ is different from ‘topics’. 227 unread messages means u made a comment under some topics and u are yet to read d comments made after yours. So u just have to scroll down till u reach d last comment. The 227 unread messages may not be for one topic. It’s mostly accumulated unread messages from a number of topics u contributed to.


So, if it’s a thousand comments, I will have to read through?


U don’t have to read if u don’t want to. Once u scroll through each of the comments, the number of unread messages will reduce till u reach d end. Most times, I don’t read all! I just scroll down


Money, Money, More Money… So much money.




Food, my tummy hurts :cry:




How I will rejoice when I finally sell out my ready to wear collection :grimacing:


Collection that we’ve not seen :roll_eyes:


It’s here. U were probably not active on here when I posted it. And it’s on my IG business page @styllit_outlook


Seen :v:t2:


Aunty, o ye ka se deal soon o. I’d get in touch to ba ti ya


To go see deadpool today or not.


I’m on my mind :slight_smile::blush: