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Different shades of beauty :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Okay uncle.


I just feel someone here may need these words. We all need them, maybe not all, but at least one. :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Smile as much as you can and be thankful for what you have. You ain’t better than those who are 6feet below. In everything, give thanks to God.

Treasure everyone you love and hold them close. And if they annoy you, talk to them about it, forgive and reconcile because once they are gone, they are gone, and you won’t have a chance to tell them how much you value them once they are gone.

It’s okay to cry sometimes when you feel hurt/down… It doesn’t mean you are weak.

Learn to give to those that need it, but don’t give what you don’t have.

Some days, you might feel like this life is so full of shit, embrace the smell and move on. You will be fine.

It’s okay for people to correct you when you are wrong, but don’t let every opinion people have about you to become your cemetery. Sometimes, those opinions ain’t born out of love but envy. Learn to discern.

Don’t be blinded by love that you fail to realize when it’s time to walk away from that toxic relationship. I know you may feel you won’t be able to breathe without that person in your life but trust me, you will be fine.

You don’t have to be rude or lie to make a point. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t speak up when necessary.

Like a friend of mine would say, “if you are trying your best to impress a person/be there for him/her, and the person doesn’t encourage you, take the cue and stop.” Stop telling yourself it’s a matter of time before they come around. Respect people and take the space they give you in their lives. You will be fine.

Stay away from assumptions and stop living a lie.

We only live once, make the best out of your life.

Enjoy a fruitful Friday!


Thank you @Mira I was so angry just now.


You are welcome. Calm down and take a deep breath. If it’s someone that pissed you off and it’s something you both can talk about, then please do.

Have a swell day.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: coming from someone who derives joy in making people angry :roll_eyes:


issa fine girl


How to finish this dish I just made


Did you really make this? It’s inviting and culinarily exemplary.


What’s this? Abeg abeg finish your food jor :smirk:


@enigma Yes i did, thank you

@Judy It is food. Instead of you to beg with humility for some, you’re using reverse psychology


Why are u people so evil like this :woman_facepalming:t4: I will just sit in my house and u will making me salivate. It’s not fair o.




It’s not our fault… Please forgive us. Meanwhile, it tasted even better than what the picture showed.


First to do no dey pain o. My turn will come


Evil! :sob::sob:


@otumininu Oya sorry na

@mira :joy:


Bia, @evansakanno needs to coman learn from you.
Not all the time, smoothies :joy:


Lol…This your calling out is epic abeg.

  1. Food- I’m so hungry ry now.

  2. Life- so unpredictable. In a while, one is born, and in a short time suddenly dies with a lot of things unaccomplished.

Just yesterday, i heard a classmate of mine (who also happened to graduate from the same university as me) died as a result of typhoid.
It wasn’t detected early, until it was too late, and just like that she died.
Feels like a dream. :cry: