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WHAT ?? How boring Spouses make cheating easier for their spouses?? @theunofficialomotayo WHAT?


Im so sorry for your loss. HUGS


Thank you :slight_smile:


Well, that was what was going through my mind at the time I posted it. Anything the matter?


Please engage me further … Is being bored of your partner justification to cheat ?


First, I must add that I intended writing “…the thought of cheating easier…” Secondly, the reason for which i did write out that thought offered one easy way out - seeing someone else.

It’s the husband’s birthday, wifey didn’t come up with any surprises or any special gift or moment. Husband gets all sorts of gifts and attention from colleagues at work and admirers outside work. Wife shows up at his workplace after work to ride home with him. Wife barely asks how his day went and just dozed off through the ride.

Prior to this event, wife acts like the typical African woman who believes her children comes first in everything and barely even pays attention to how she looks. Husband used to mention this every now and then but gets tired of doing so as there’s no change/will to change.

Husband is doing really well and his really good looking (maybe even hotter than his wife, if I must say). Dude is constantly trying to get wifey to do fun stuff but wifey prefers staying at home most of the time. Excuse is “I had a very long week, I must rest well during weekend”. More interesting is that the husband has more demanding jobs and still helps in taking care of the kids at home.

Forgive the long writeup but that was the basis for the thought I shared.


Vivid scenario


Hmmm … okay … I hear these scenarios all the time …what I always ask is… if you’re not happy anymore, why not leave ?

It’s also interesting how your scenarios are one sided - the man getting bored


Children are involved.

There was just one scenario and that was the basis for the thought I shared.


Not a good enough reason. Kids are better off in a happy environment with or without both parents

Oh I read that as three scenarios … Sawa Sawa… What’s on your mind now :blush: ?


Well, I personally feel that if life and safety (primarily) isn’t threatened and the partners involved can reach a common ground on a lot of issues, separation shouldn’t happen. Separation scars children in many ways and only increases the number of broken adults in the society.

Lol @ sawa sawa
You’re actually on my mind as I type this. Trying to picture how you wore a smile typing the last part of your message.


not true


Ok… You don’t have to agree :slight_smile:


**I pray my marriage will not be this type of situation… We need to be freaky Dicky to the very end … #WeDieHere … Forever is a long time to compartmentalise a relationship …

Also If the parties involved can both be active parents in their kids lives then the children will be okay …**



Do you mean separate but active?




Yes … Co-parenting


Hmm…It’s def not as easy as it sounds especially when either of or both partners start new families. Somehow, the kids end up suffering for it (in most situations I’ve been privy to)


This is also true


Oh… Before I forget, I’m still trying to recover from the things I saw on twitter last night. Particularly with the #bigbreasttwitter. Who else noticed?