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I am the love of your life, after your husband. :joy:


Just thinking… @mira do we need a post for zegist how to’s where thinkings like

  • making a quote
  • writing like this

  • sharing stories
  • going anonymous
  • sending dm

Etc etc



It would be very useful, especially for new members. I can always direct them to the post while welcoming them.


Yes it will


I’m just ruminating on @Popo’s story and I am rooting for him and would want him to win.
I love his story because it shows that there are still good people in Nigeria as well as there are bad people and this is the only story I’ve read so far that has shown the benevolent nature of some Nigerians despite the hardship. It shows that there’s still hope if you keep pushing.


Thank you @Judy i was really happy after reading his story that i shared the link to my team members to read. Very inspiring. We need more positive stories and we can be the beginning of someone’s positive story. Weldone @Popo


Thank you @judy @evansakanno


I also shared it on my Facebook. I won’t lie almost all the stories I had read made me sad cos it didn’t depict anything good about Nigeria and most of them happen to be real life experiences. Nigerians don’t crack, we’re really strong people.


It’s actually the only story I shared. I’m rooting for him to win.


It’s the same here. So far, it’s the only story I’ve shared.


See how @Popo has gained popularity. Next thing if he doesnt win Zegisters will crowdfund the 100k.

@Judy you remember @aniekan 's plans for Zegist Funding?


Oh well @evansakanno …with enough cooperation we could make it happen, even if he gets half of the money, it’s something.
The funding idea didn’t quite go well with most people.


There’s Zegist funding? I’m broke o :joy::joy::joy:


We are all broken @Otumininu get in the line


I’m currently in Brooklyn. You’re behind me on the queue.


@evansakanno @theunofficialomotayo it’s first come first serve. And I came first please :roll_eyes:


It’s according to height madam. Calm down :joy:


:sob::cry: God will judge this. I’m not short, I’m just down to earth :roll_eyes:


:joy: Oya sorry… But it’s still according to height.


Hi lovely @zegisters, I hope you are alive and safe! Please be. I care!! :heart:

Pray for Nigeria.