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I feel tankers and all these big big vehicles should only ply the road very late at night. Really, they should! This is saddening. Even 6pm is wrong for them to start plying the road. :broken_heart::pensive:


May God help us in this country. To think I was hearing siren and car horns and I thought it was just traffic! I didn’t know fire was burning at my backyard!!!


It’s well. God will help us, but those tankers need to take a chill pill during the day or evening sef… Na night things for them.


Thanks Mira!
Just thinking of how stressful it is to be a Nigerian!!!
Too many avoidable accidents and casualties.
It’s sickening.


Dear @Mira, nothing is wrong with 2018 or the month of June. Everyday is supposed to be beautiful with a ray of hope and sunshine. But we have bad leaders in Nigeria so everyday is bound to be chaotic. And religion is the undercover that they use in distracting us from the real problem.
I am sad and not proud to be a Nigerian. I don’t belong here.


There is no law or structure in place to implement this.

God is helping us but we are not helping ourselves.


My sentiments!


:point_up_2: might seem humorous, but it’s apt.
Our nation is filled with so much hate and greed.
I’m just weak. We all know the different issues, no need writing them out.

Everything is tiring and beyond ridiculous.


Very true


Since it’s a tanker carrying flammable liquid, then it’s most likely trying to refill a filling station, so it going on the road in broad daylight is not unusual or wrong. I don’t know the details of how it happened but it’s sad non the less. My prayers goes to the families of the lost victims.


Even with this being the case, I honestly feel they shouldn’t move when the road is busy! They can refill the filling station early in the morning before daybreak!!!

The truck had a break failure and had to go back in reverse motion. The workers tried to stop it but… we know the rest!


And to think another truck almost caused accident on the same bridge this morning!!! Break failure again. Maybe I should run away from this country already


Run away to your village :joy::joy::joy:


If only London is my village :sob:


The two G.O.A.T (Messi and Ronaldo) couldn’t bleat so they went home the same day. :joy::joy: Right now, I’m doing backflip in my head :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol… Evil


Yeah, Nigeria is your own small London :joy:


@Oluwatukesi_Daniel @habeebsanni @Kachie, good morning sweethearts. Trust you slept well?


Yesss sissy. It was a pretty cold night here. Thanks for checking up. Hope yours was great as well?!


Hello dear, great night here.

Hope you slept well too…good morning.


Yeah @habeebsanni and @Kachie, I slept well.

I didn’t realize it rained while I was sleeping, but I know I woke up around 3am and switched off the fan before I kill myself :joy::joy:.