What's on your mind right now?




Lmao. This weather ehn.


@Oluwarufus @Dapomola @atynukeh, please @debpoppy and @amekitmfon want to purchase a zegist T-shirt. Someone should attend to them, please. Thanks.


I miss y’ all so much!!!


I think I will love to have one too… I am based in Abuja…

Are there like other “merchies” like lapel pins, cups etc.

How do I go about this… Feel free to slide into my DM…:wink:


Hi @debpoppy and @amekitmfon the Zegist merchandise we have is currently not for sale, however, there will be opportunities to win some of them in the coming weeks. I’ll keep you guys and everyone posted.


Kai!!! And i was asking that time o. ehn… I want to travel with it na…


Sex is on my mind


Ess sir, las last, you will be alright :grin:


Eeerm, just in case there’s no way out of this dilemma, just hold your “thing”, close ya eyes and start jumping up…repeat this prayer:
Say the prayer 7 times, it will work. Come back and testify.
You know u’re my padi, I just want u to be alright @Aje


I just got cracked up :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks @theunofficialomotayo I wasn’t thinking of sex in the action way though. Was just thinking of the many havoc it has caused due to underlying religious misconceptions. Let me call it the religiosity of sex! Nevertheless, I really want to have a daughter, seeing cute pregnant women is beginning to give me ideas…:thinking::thinking:

Been a while, What’s good fam @Judy @theunofficialomotayo


I really want to have 2 daughters and 2 sons…like since yesterday, but when I think of this economy and the responsibilities ehn…
Are you ready for the responsibilities?

Yea, been a while… How have you been?


Judy! :rofl::rofl::joy::joy: are u a prayer warrior?


I seem to be the only guy in among my cliq that wants "3 girls and 2 boys, also from that combination there has to be a set of either twins or triplets"


When most guys don’t like kids like that…I like that.
Oh as if you already know…I can only have 4 children if one set comes as a twin and I’d prefer the first set to be twins. I’ll rest for five years and try again. But I’ve since learned that man proposes, but God disposes so I don’t really know. E no fit pass 4 sha, even if I have to adopt the 4th.


Yea man… Been a while. Trust you’re good?


With all these foods I’ve eaten, my stomach feels extremely unbearable to carry around :sob::sob::sob:


Lemme epp you :joy:


@evansakanno, where’s @Yeye? I miss her oh


Na serious matter o… See me doing emergency exercise so the food can digest quickly :joy::joy: